Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Elephant in the Room!

(This Post First Ran in September of 2006 !)
"The Elephant in the Room"
Here in America we have an elephant in the room. Everyone is cautiously navigating around the elephant in order to go about our everyday lives. We pretend not to see the elephant, nor hear the elephant, but the elephant is in the center of America’s room.

The elephant is not going away. No amount of Political Correctness will placate it, nor make it disappear.

This particular elephant is more dangerous than the “run of the mill” pachyderm. This elephant is lethal.

Right about now, some of you are thinking: “Ole Longstreet is speaking about Islam!” You would be wrong! At least PARTLY wrong.

Longstreet is writing about the First Amendment to the US Constitution!

Anybody left, on this site??? Anybody? Or… did all you readers disappear as soon as you supposed I was attacking the US Constitution? Well, I can’t blame you if you did.

I assure you, I am not attacking the Constitution! Nosiree! Allow me to narrow the focus down a bit. I’m particularly concerned with the clause of the First Amendment having to do with the free exercise of one’s religion. Any religion! And THERE is the problem, which may yet be the death of America, as we know it!

You see, the Founding Fathers had no idea there would be a religion in America, which would be a threat to the security of the nation. Had they suspected such a thing, they certainly would have made provisions to make the practice of that religion, within the borders of America, illegal. But, they didn’t. Why, the very thought, itself, was unthinkable!

Nevertheless here we are, today, 230 years later, and the US is up to its neck in a religious war! And we have Americans and immigrants, right here among us, who practice the religion we are at war with!

“Well. Ole Longstreet has slipped a cog!” you may say. Ok. I‘ll accept that it is extremely difficult to get one’s mind wrapped around the idea that a religion, any religion, wants Americans dead! But, the simple truth is… there is such a religion … and we are at war with it all over the world. What in the world makes you think that we will not be at war with it within our own borders???

Since, roughly, the 1970’s Americans have been taught to be tolerant, to not be prejudicial. American children have been taught that there is no absolutely right and no absolutely wrong. Our young students have been taught that America is just like every other nation on the earth, no better and no worse.

Needless to say, this was/is all bunk! American is NOT like all the other countries. We are the best, bar none, on the face of the earth! Total tolerance will get you killed… as will the inability, or unwillingness, to judge your fellowman by his actions. There are bad people in this world and those bad people will kill you in a heartbeat. There is evil in the world whether you choose to believe it or not. Actually, it makes no difference whether you believe evil exists! None! It still exists… and it is still coming for you!

This tolerance of other people’s religion is going to get America defeated, and enslaved. I’m convinced the seeds of our destruction have already been planted in the fertile soil of America’s cities even as I write this. Those seeds lie germinating and will soon sprout devastation and destruction on this country. Unless, unless, we do something about it.

First we need an amendment to the US constitution. We need to outlaw any religion, which preaches hate, and urges death to non-adherents to that religion.

Now, wise-up, folks! These are not Lutherans, Baptists. Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists, nor Catholics blowing up and killing our citizens! We KNOW who they are and we are doing nothing to remove the practice of that religion from the shores of the United States.

I happen to think FDR did the right thing when he ordered Japanese Americans rounded up and placed in internment camps for the duration of the 2nd World War. Modern Americans can stand here today, in a free America, because he took actions necessary to protect this country. Modern Americans can stand in a free America today and condemn him for it because they have no sense of history and no sense of danger to neither themselves nor their country.

My generation understands what it is to have an enemy engaged in combat with American forces on American soil. And I don’t mean the attack on Pearl Harbor. I mean the battles in the Aleutian Island Chain between Japanese ground forces and American ground and air forces. We know what it is to live every day with the threat of nuclear annihilation ever present. We know the value of freedom and we will not hesitate to do want is necessary to preserve our freedom, no matter how distasteful it may be.

We have an enemy entrenched among us today. They are hiding in plain sight. And they know they are safe because Americans do not believe there is a threat to the American way of life.

You may choose to ignore what I am saying here, or you may choose to accept it. I makes no difference. Much like believing, or not believing, in evil makes no difference. Evil still exists, whether you believe, or not, and it is coming for you and me!


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