Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The President Should Defy Congress!!

"The President Should Defy Congress!"

As to “The War” in Iraq and the War on Terror where do the dems stand? Well, in the first place, they don’t stand; they’re too busy running… away!

I can just see the AQ people doubled over in laughter at the attempts of the Dems to placate them and even to talk to them. Election day 2006 was the equivalent to Christmas for a 5 year old… for the Terrorists. They got what they wanted…. a US government with no spine… a US government with peaceniks and hippies, from the 60’s, in control. You know … the “Anti-War Crowd”.

Their imbecilic thinking is going to get, not thousands, but millions, of people worldwide, killed. Yet, they want to talk to the terrorists to solve this, uh, “situation”!

So, now, that the constitutionally mandated Commander in Chief, won’t allow them to run the military, they are threatening to cut of funding for the war. That of course, means that the blame for any US soldier’s death, after they cut off funding, can be laid directly at the doorsteps of the Congressional Dems. And it should be. And do not think for one minute those of us on the right will not do just that at every opportunity. The American public has a right to know who is responsible for the death of their son or daughter in the Armed Forces of the US.

The dems in Congress, and out, simply overlook the fact that that bunch of right-wing extremists we call the Founding Fathers decided there would be one commander in chief and that would be the President.

The President has said he will send those 20,000 troops to Iraq whether Congress likes it or not. He should. Actually, he should send 100,000 more troops. The Left, now in charge of Congress is about to have a fit of apoplexy. That’s fine. Let ‘em.

The day the Congress schedules for the vote, on cutting funds for the war in Iraq, should be the day that congressmen arrive at Capitol Hill to find the Capitol Building completely surrounded by armed United States troops, complete with rolling armor. Nothing need be said. All they’d have to do is stand there… ‘til the votes are counted.

There is such a confrontation in the making. If the Left continues to drag this country into socialism, Americans will fight. Now, do not be so stupid as to believe Americans will not fight Americans! That happened once before and what ensued was the bloodiest four years in the history of the country.

We cannot continue, as a country, as divided as we are... and expect not to attacked and conquered.

None of this is new. Back when the country was considering it’s independence form the Mother Country, there was a large portion of the Congress which was attempting to force the colonies into staying with England just so we’d have England as our protector. The internal fight over whether or not to remove our small Continental Army from the field, and cede the victory to England, raged as the Congress met in Philadelphia. Much like the modern day left they were frightened of the US Armed forces. For that reason they would not allow the colonies to have a standing army. Gen. Washington had to rely on militias and anyone willing to fight for six months at a stretch. Then they could, and did, go home. Washington’s army, was a rag tag bunch of men who were not a trained military, and the fact that they EVER won a single battle is a result of the grace of God… and nothing more!

The left is still, to this day, frightened of a standing army. They vote to cut it every chance they get. The absolutely refuse to see that that bunch of men and women are the only thing standing between them and certain annihilation.

I hope the President defies Congress and stands flat-footed and exercises his power under the Constitution. If it brings a confrontation between the executive and legislative branches, then... so be it. Let’s have this fight and see who is left standing. In the meantime, the troops go to Iraq… even if the President has to use the Presidential fleet of aircraft to ferry them over.



Frank said...

What I think should happen is this... Impeachment of Bush and Cheney, both of their familes rounded up and deported and Pelosi could be the first female president. all those opposed, get the hell out of this country. Bush has failed, this whole regime as failed and needs to be toppled, constitutionaly of course. The majority of the people don't approve of these guys or their illegal policies, so they must go.

Longstreet said...

Pelosi is delusional. She THINKS she IS Commander-in-Chief!