Thursday, January 18, 2007

In Democrat Jargon “REDEPLOY” means “RETREAT”!

In Democrat Jargon “REDEPLOY” means “RETREAT”!

Have you noticed how the Democrats are using the word “REDEPLOY” in place of the word “RETREAT”?

In Military Jargon, to deploy the troops means the commanders of the forces place the troops in positions where THEY want them to be. To redeploy means they (the commanders) move them and place them in other positions different from their former positions.

Confused yet? If you are … welcome to the club!

Now let me see if I can clear the fog a bit.

What the Democrats mean, when they use the word “redeploy”, is simply… to retreat. In other words surrender the field to the enemy. That is the bottom line. If you take troops, who are actively engaged with the enemy, and you remove those troops from that engagement… I don’t care how you do it, it is a retreat! That is exactly what the Democrats want to do.

Now, they can sugar coat it, paint it any color they want, present it to the American people in any way they want, and it will still stink of raw cowardice! There was a time, not so long ago, that a soldier could be shot for doing what the Democrats are wanting to do today with our entire military.

I suppose when the terrorists begin their suicide bombing campaign in New York, or San Francisco, or Atlanta, we’ll have to “redeploy” our citizens, right? “Cause once you begin to retreat it soon becomes a rout! That is the reason military commanders were given the authority to shoot their own men for retreating, running, in the face of the enemy! Once it starts… it will build up momentum, and soon, ALL the troops are in retreat.

This is serious stuff, dear reader. If the Democrats are allowed to go ahead with their plans, for retreat in the face of the enemy, it will PROVE that Americans are exactly what the Islamofacists are telling their hordes we are … cowards, paper tigers, who flee at the loss of a little blood. And, believe it, or not, 3000 KIA’s are acceptable losses. During WW-2 we lost more men than that in a single battle. On more than one day the loses to American troops would equal what we have lost in over three years in Iraq. What does that say about the steel of the Americans today as compared to that of their grandparents? That should be easy enough to answer. I don’t even want to think about it.

Americans who still have some of that steel in their spines are counting on the conservatives in the US Senate to tie up the Democrats plans to cut the funding for our troops and kill any plans the dems have to surrender the American armed forces to the Islamofacists. For that is exactly want they are telling us they are going to attempt to do.

There is a lot I disagree with the President on. The war is not one of them. The only thing I am concerned about is that we are not being aggressive enough in Iraq. Now that the President wants to get aggressive, the dems are shouting that he is abusing his power. That is a CROCK! If anything he has not been asserting it hard enough and often enough!

Let me ask you a question? If the President was a Democrat… do you seriously believe any of this would be happening??? Of course it wouldn’t! The Dems would circle the wagons around "their President" and defend him with the ferocity of junkyard dogs.

What we are seeing is the usual hypocrisy of the Democrat party. The party is made up of peaceniks from the sixties, old hippies, draft card burners, the ban the bomb crowd, make love not war, peace, love, sex, and dope crowd. THAT is the Democrat party of today. They are the ne’er do wells of American politics. They are the moral relativists, the secularists, and the humanists, and some would say the pagans of American politics. THESE are the people the American electorate placed in power last November.

An old friend of mind said to me, the other day, “You can tell Americans trust in God. If they didn’t they would have never voted for the Democrats!” How right he is! The Dems are quickly driving the American people into a position from which only God can save us.

If you know a prayer… now would be a good time!



Frank said...

No simpleton, redeploy means just that. Since the Taliban is back in Afghanistan and on the rise, and Iraq has fallen into civil sectarian war, which we can do nothing, aside as offering our troops as targets in Iraq, redeploy would mean sending them to Afghanistan where they could finish the job that Bush side-tracked them from in the first place.... Getting the people responsible for 9/11, or did some people forget that the Taliban NOT Iraq or Sadam had anything to do with it? A number of Republicans, Voinovich from ohio and a senator from Nebraska (just a couple) disagree with sending more troops to Iraq, because I believe that they finally see that going there in the first place was a mistake. Now back to redeployment, I, if I were a general at the pentagon, and Bush should thank his god, Cheney, I am not, would redeploy the troops to Pennsylvania Avenue and get this illegal occupying force out of the whitehouse.

Longstreet said...

Frank, I may be simple...but the Dems are not talking about redeploying the troops to Afghanistan. They're talking about sending them to Guam, and Okinawa, and some even back to the states.

If the Dems keep this up, there will be troops in DC, but they won't be around the White House!

The Last Democrat President wouldn't even inspect US troops unless the bolts were removed from their rifles. That sure speaks of a level of trust between the militry and the democrats, now doesn't it???

Frank said...

Funny I've heard of troops being deployed to Nicaraga (spelling) by Regan with no ammo. we know intellectualy Regan was totaly disarmed but to send troops to a war zone without ammo is ludicrious. Maybe the last democratice president didn't trust the number of Rednecks, yahoos that serve in the military, they are definiltely the type that are just ther to "keel stuffs" and I see enough of those sick demented types at the Amvets and VFW halls around here. I know we have great troops, but the undesireable types (white trash) always thrust themselves into the spot light, true classlessness. My father is a Veteran of Korea and refuses to join the VFW because he says those guys are nutty hill billy republicans who on their best day sould find their butts with both hands and a flashlight. My uncle and Grandfather who fought in WWII had about the same opinion. They all said the military indoctrination only works on weak minds. Maybe that's why I never had the desire to join.

Frank said...

And while were talking army and politics, why is the truth not getting to the MSM? You know we have clothing drives for our disabled troops coming home from Germany? We do... Seems our government won't spend the $20.00 for a "T" shirt and sweats for a disabled vet but will pay Halliburton 10X's actual costs to feed our troops. Did you also know that a wounded troop who can't drill must pay out of pocket for their meals? How rediculous is that? On thanksgiving '05 day 100's of our troops didn't get meals because Bush had to do a photo-op holding a platter with a plastic turkey and fake "side dishes" so all the troops could not get in the "mess" that day? Then for a veteran here to support this administration when it comes to taking care of our vets is absurd. did you know when Bush pretended tp land on the aircraft carrier with that mission acomplished sign hanging behind him our troops stopped getting combat pay? these are facts..... I guess Bush really does love disabled vets., his policies help create more every day.