Friday, January 26, 2007

If the Global Warming Theory IS correct, it will be GOOD for America!

If the Global Warming Theory IS correct, it will be GOOD for America!

I know, these days, the words above are blasphemy. But, lets stare down the “doom and gloomers’ worried about the so-called Man Made Global Warming and take a look at how it MIGHT affect America. Surprisingly for some, it would be a good thing!

Now, before you get out the rope and call up the lunch mob, consider this article written by Thomas Gale Moore, Ph.D. It was published in the “Environment News” on May 1st, of 1998. Dr. Moore makes a lot of sense. The article is worth your time to read and consider. That is… if the “sky is falling crowd” has been getting to you!

We recommend you go to:

Sorta takes the bite out of the "Big Bad Wolf of Global Warming", doesn’t it?

See, the thing is, many of us have known, all along, the facts, and the points, Dr. Moore raised in this article way back in 1998. Those of us who KNOW the earth's weather is cyclical, know this is not the first time the earth has warmed up.. Oh, no. The evidence is all around us, if you want to see it. We also know that growing seasons were lengthened and the crops were overly abundant. Also, we don’t need the Supreme Court to decide for us if CO-2 is a pollutant. We know it isn’t. It is vital to life on this planet. The plants breathe CO-2 and produce oxygen, which we breathe… and live.

We used to have a thing in this country, which we called “common sense”. God imbued it, in all his creatures. It was that basic “sense", which was very like instinct, which told us when something was right, or wrong. Or, when something should be questioned. Somewhere, along the way, we have lost that “common sense” and the ability to use it to think for ourselves. Instead we are ready to allow someone else to do our thinking and reasoning for us. I hope you see the danger in that. If not, we are truly doomed.

Every day, now, we are being bombarded with news that we are doomed. The alarmists tell us the earth is heating up and the ice at the poles is melting and the seas are rising, and on, and on, ad nausium. Some trumpet that this is the hottest period on record. Well, what they fail, often, to tell you is… that those records only go back a hundred years, or so. We are being lead down that “primrose path” and we aren’t even resisting it.

If we are to survive, as a free people, we need, desperately, to mentally grab ourselves by the shoulders and, as my mother used to say, “shake some sense” into ourselves.

In the coming days, months, and years, the staccato of dire warnings concerning Man Made Global Warming is going to come at us like an avalanche. We need to be ready to withstand the onslaught. Be ready, also, to be shunned, called every nasty name in the books, and given our own term of derision. Something like “dissenters”. You know, the crowd that won’t “go along to get along”. At some point there, most likely, will be an attempt to make articles, such as this, illegal. When you whip the global community up into a frenzy… anything can, and will, happen.

Be ready!



Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

We used to have a thing in this country, which we called “common sense”.
If common sense is so common, why don’t more people have it?

Wally Banners said...

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