Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Silly Season" in South Carolina !

Silly Pandering Season Opens in South Carolina
(News release from the Sons of Confederate Veterans.)

What was intended as a Martin Luther King, Jr. observance in Columbia,S. C. has turned into the opening of the silly political pandering season.

With the South Carolina Democratic primary scheduled as one of the earliest in the nation in 2007, silly political rhetoric seems to have pushed the purpose of the event to the background.

Showing up for events in Columbia were at least three Democratic candidates, or potential candidates, Senators Christopher Dodd, Connecticut, Joseph Biden, Delaware, and Barack Obama, Illinois, who was hosted at a breakfast by Jesse Jackson.

Two of the three addressed the issue of the Confederate flag at the soldiers memorial on the South Carolina capitol grounds.

Senator Dodd is quoted by the Associated Press as saying " I don't believe it (the Confederate flag) belongs on the capitol grounds. It belongs in a museum." Senator Dodd's comments beg the questions good journalists used to ask like "What has your experience with slavery in Connecticut history led you to this conclusion?"

Too bad the Hartford (Ct) Courant reporters weren't present in Columbia. Particularly Jenifer Frank, Anne Furrow or Joel Lane, the authors of the 2005-6 best selling expose "Complicity, How the North Promoted, Prolonged and Profited From Slavery".

Senator Dodd seems a little disoriented, as he is sometimes thought to be in Washington. Perhaps memory has failed him about the major slave import business taking place in the 19th century in places like New London and Old Mystic, Connecticut. Could it be that Senator Dodd overlooked one of the largest slave plantations in America, located in Connecticut, described in the above publication?

Senator Dodd claims familiarity with the Yale University Law School of New Haven, Ct. One of their proudest achievements is called the Avalon Project, "Confederate States of America". In it, he could learn a lot of truth from those in his own state without going to South Carolina to tell their legislators and people how they should think or vote.

Senator Biden is a case study of its own. The AP quotes him as saying "If I were a state legislator (SC) I'd vote to have it removed from the grounds...out of state." This is the same Senator Biden who, on a previous visit commented about Delawarians having to go South a couple of states to reach the Confederacy, or some similar quote. In the disorientation contest, Biden might win. Most of Maryland is north of Delaware and Virginia is due west. This is the same Senator Biden who, sometime back, got the sources of speeches disoriented, believing he wrote what others before had written.

South Carolinians are smart people. They've been through the pandering politician exercise before. History shows that little attention is paid to the ill informed who spend oodles of campaign dollars in South Carolina to grovel for votes in a primary.

It seems senseless, spending money despite a boycott that is centered around the same issue they are pandering about. Duh, who is in charge here?

Jeff Davis, Chairman SCV Public and Media Relations Committee

Camp 1418, Cleveland, GA

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