Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bipartisanship is the LAST THING the US Congress Needs!!!

Bipartisanship is the LAST Thing the US Congress Needs!!!

If you are a Democrat, a Republican, and Independent or a member of any of the Sundry other political parties in America… Bipartisanship in the US Congress is the last thing you should want!

One can hardly open a newspaper these days without seeing an article by a member of the MSM bemoaning the lack of bipartisanship in the Congress. Warning flares should go off in your consciousness as soon as you see the title of such an article.

Why? Isn’t bipartisanship a good thing? Maybe in other countries… but not in the US.
Look, Americans have deep rooted differences about the way the country should be run. These are, or should be, core beliefs. All political parties have those differences. Otherwise, we’d have only one political party. Then we’d really be in a mess. No checks and balances, at all.

Bipartisanship requires, of a necessity, compromise. It also demands consensus. Both those things are unthinkable to “THINKING” Americans.

Look, I take a position on things, anything, because I believe I am right. So do you. So do Republicans and Democrats and all the others. To compromise your core beliefs simply means they were not core beliefs to begin with… or… you are a weak individual and you willingness to compromise is a character flaw. The same holds true for a political party. Where I come from, compromise, by anyone, is seen as a "weakness of will". A lack of will power. It is not seen as a good thing. One who refuses to compromise, and sticks to his guns, is looked up to as a strong individual, as someone to be admired. You may not like his position, but, damnit, you know where he stands at all times!

Now… what of consensus? Well, consensus, plain and simple, is lack of leadership. It means there is no single individual in the group strong enough to lead and/or guide all, or a part of, the group to his way of thinking. Consensus is that paved road to Perdition!

Every organization needs, and must have, a leader. Without a leader there is blind stumbling about and nothing, of any import, is accomplished.

In our Congress we have two sets of political ideas and beliefs. For anything to get done one side or the other must surrender that side’s principles. And it is a disgusting thing to behold! I would rather my side lose every vote and not surrender their beliefs than to win any votes by compromising them.

Currently, the Democrats control both houses of Congress. There is no Republican leadership in the House and the only "would-be leader" in the Senate, John McCain, is more Democrat than he is Republican. We have a weak President, who is not now, nor has he ever been, a conservative. So Conservative Voters in America are without representation in the Government of the United States. Yet the populace of America is, far and away, conservative. This means, of course, that anything the government does is met with derision for the American population. This produces a constant state of turmoil in the country.

A bipartisan Congress would ride, rough shod, over the wants and wishes of the American electorate. Laws would be passed and freedoms lost in the blink of an eye. A bipartisan Congress would rule rather than govern. We would awaken each morning to find a list of laws passed in our newspapers, which were passed the preceding day by the Congress. The weight of those laws would soon crush the spirit of the America.

No, Dear Reader, we do not want a Bipartisan Congress.

So, never mind when the MSM calls for more bipartisanship in Congress. Consider the source, an MSM that is slightly to the left of Karl Marx.

Remember this when you see all the articles in your local paper calling for bipartisanship in Congress. Remember it when the Dems or the Repubs call for it as well. Know that Bipartisanship is the very last thing we need in the government of the United States!


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Frank said...

Know that Bipartisanship is the very last thing we need in the government of the United States!
Once again we agree! I think the Dems. should throw the Republicans out the windows, or linch them all to purge that element from Congress, as their first order of business. What a great victory that would be over the far right wing fringe of the country to ensure a stable and fruitfull future for us all. (sarcasm)