Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Democrats INSULT DIXIE... AGAIN!!!

Democrats INSULT Dixie… AGAIN!!!!

Once again the Democrat Party sends two of it’s candidates for President to the Southland and immediately they insult the people of the South.

I’m speaking of Joe Biden of Delaware and Christopher Dodd of Connecticut. Both these US Senators were in my home state of South Carolina Monday (01-15-07) where both stated they would have voted to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the State House grounds. It is as if BOTH those men suddenly spat in the faces of the people of South Carolina and, indeed, the entire South. (Just as a reminder: Both Deleware and Connecticut were slave states!)

As a Southerner, what I see is, once again, that infamous “Damn Yankee” has come into my home state and attempted to dictate how we live! If you really are intent on rousing the Scott-Irish anger of the Southern People that is exactly the thing you want to do!

John McCain, a so-called Republican, did it in 2000, and you see what happened to him then… and is about to happen again. The people of the South, including Republicans, (Some would say: most especially the Southern Republicans, or “Dixicans”) will not support John McCain for President… ever!

Look, I have stood in that beautiful old building shot full of holes by Sherman’s artillery. I have SEEN the Yankee cannonballs protruding from the walls and ceiling of that venerable old building. If there was a state house in all of Dixie that SHOULD have the CBF flying from a mast high above it’s dome, it is the South Carolina State House!

The State Legislature agreed to remove it, much to the consternation of the people of South Carolina. (Had they allowed the South Carolinians to vote on it that flag would still be flying from the Capitol dome!) They placed the flag on a Confederate Memorial statue, on the State House grounds, where it flies every day… and where it will remain! Period!

The boycott against South Carolina has actually helped the state’s tourism business. Tourism dollars have, in fact, increased since the NAACP’s boycott was instituted.

Sherman’s troops burned that beautiful city to the ground and looted every home they could force their way into. And you thought we had forgotten??? Hell, no! We have not forgotten, nor will we, ever.

Sherman then marched his troops north, to my home city, and burned the Court House and hanged my ancestor in the street! You think I’m going to forget that? If you do, dear heart, you have another “think” coming!

Now, the Democrat Party sends two more Northeasterners down to South Carolina to tell them how to run their affairs! DOES NO ONE REMEMBER: THIS IS THE CAUSE OF THE WAR THE SOUTH FOUGHT FOR FOUR BLOODY YEARS WITH THE NORTHERN STATES???

If you think the wounds have healed in the South, you are sorely mistaken! They still are open... and they still smart, and rubbing salt into them as Biden and Dodd just did sure as hell does not help!

Why do you think the Democrat Party is careful to have either their Presidential candidate, or their Vice-Presidential candidate, from the South? Because it is the ONLY way they can get enough votes from the South to matter.

Yes, I AM angry! This is “MY SOUTH” those two idiots insulted! It is times like these I fervently wish South Carolina had not made dueling against the law in the 1960’s. For surely, neither of those two men would have left Columbia, South Carolina, without multiple challenges to satisfy the honor of multiple South Carolinians!

I’m not just angry, I am furious! This is the lowest from of insult to a Southerner! To all you politicians, Democrats and Republicans, from the Northern States (and especially the Northeastern States), if you cannot visit Dixie, and mind your manners, then we’d just as soon you stayed the hell at home!



Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

Conflict over flags and other emblems are common throughout the world. They are a part of modern politics. But on the bright side you could live here in Northern Ireland were the flying of flags has become an obsession for some people. Given the various perspectives of the political communities in Northern Ireland differences are often manifested in an exaggerated use and usually invoke emotional responses to their use. Yet the use of flags and emblems is also an essential part of people’s political and cultural identity and this expression is part of your, and my rights. If we loose sight of our history, our heritage that makes us the people we are today, we loose sight of our future.

I thought that the issue of flying of the confederate Stars and Bars over the state capitol had been resolved. The local council building here has three flags displayed - Northern Ireland, Union Flag and EU.

Longstreet said...

No, it has NOT been settled. When the state legislature of South Carolina voted to remove the flag from the Capitol's dome they had to compromise in order to get it off the dome. The compromise was... it would fly on a Confederate Memorial on the state house grounds. The NAACP, which was threathening to boycott the state if they didn't remove it from the Dome, then decided that wasn't enough... and they announced thay wanted it removed to a museum... out of public view. The State Legislature is not about to do that. Besides, the flag is now in view of many, many, more people than it was atop the capitol.

Their boycotts backfired and tourism dollars have increased by a good 1/3rd. The NCAA is boycotting the state and Mississippi because of the flkagm, in SC's case being in public view on the state house grounds and Mississippi becasue the Battle flag is incorporated into a corner of the state flag.

I keep wondering when they will come after NC. The state flag here is, in fact, the secession flag! The only difference is the dates on the flag. When hostilities broke out NC had no state flag... at all. One was hastily designed and we use it today with only the dates changed on the current flag. This use of Confederate symbols is common thru-out the South. It is who we are. It is our heritage. The blood of the men who fought, bled, and died, beneath that flag, still flows in our veins. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is an organization for men who can prove their lineage/ancestry back to a confederate soldier. If you can't prove it, you can't get in. I'm a proud member!

To ask a Southerner to give up that heritage is to ask us to give up who we are... our identity. We won't do it.

I have the First National Flag of the Confederacy flying on the front of my home even as I write.

Your comments are , as always, excellent!

Best regards!


Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

The NAACP, similar to our own Commission for Racial Equality is there not to promote inclusiveness, but to promote discord, otherwise there would be no point to their existence.
I remember in the early 90s a US TV company visited Birkenhead (the town were I spent my teenage years) as they wished to create a documentary regarding the building of a replica of a ship that was built there in 1862, and then sail the ship back to the US continuing the program as they sailed. The Socialist Workers Party (fabulous title – socialist and worker in the same sentence) protested because; firstly, it involves America and therefore you must protest. Secondly, the ship was named CSS Alabama and confederacy equals racism. The replica was never built and the shipyard closed down.
It is a shame that Senator Dodd is not more concerned with the image that Connecticut has on this side of the Atlantic during this so-called ‘war on terror.’ Perhaps he should address the issue of why there is a memorial in Hartford to a convicted Irish terrorist. I would hazard a guess that more people would find erecting monuments to international terror groups slightly more offensive than flying the Stars and Bars.

Longstreet said...

Well said, sir!

The ORIGINAL CSS Alabama was built in Birkenhead especially for the Confederate navy. She was commissioned in 1862. She was sunk in June of 1864, outside of Cherbourg, by the Federal ship Kearsarge. Survivors were rescued by the Kearsarge and, believe it or not, by the English ship Deerhound (I believe that's correct.) The Alabama was a steam powered, screw driven sloop, which also carried sail. She was one of our more famous warships.

Frank said...

Well sir I am liberal and from the north (Ohio) so I know our views will probably differ but..... I feel any state that was an original member in the CSA should be alowed to display the flag publicaly on Government ground. States that were not, can not. Simple.... There should also be a stipulation that a state flag that did not have the "Stars and Bars" incorporated into it's design before the end of the War for Southern Independece, note I did not say "Civil War" should have it removed from it's states flag. The same guidelines for flying a flag of another country (Italians, not me though, fly Italian flags for example) should be followed since "Old Glory" (like it or not) is the flag of this nation. Just my thoughts Suh!

Longstreet said...

I see your point... don't necessarily agree with ALL you said... but, I do see the point.

However, SC was the first state to secede and it was the ONLY Confederate state to vote 100% to leave the Union. The battle flag flew for the first time after Ist Bull Run. It was created because the 1st National flag was too much like Old Glory and some of our men fired on ther compatriots, in the gunsmoke, mistaking the Confederate Flag for the US Flag.

NC didn't have a state flag when the war began. A Tar Heel designed the flag and we flew it over state buildings and took it to war. Now, after the war, we changed the dates on it and continue to fly the same flag. It is our first state flag, and the state's secession flag, all rolled into one.

The organization I belong to, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, flies both Old Glory and the Battle Flag simultaneously. Old Glory is ALWAYS given the place of honor, to the left or atop the mast. We are American citizens, first!

The Battle Flag was chosen, by the SCV, as the flag we would use as our logo, simply because it was beneath that flag our ancestors fought, bled, and died. It is to honor THEM. It was, and is, a Soldier's Flag. It was NEVER a national flag of the Confederacy.
I wish people would get that straight.

The Battle Flag, in SC, flew BELOW the US Flag on the dome of the SC State House. It was also dislayed in the state legislature again with the US flag in the place of honor.

By the way, the "Official" name for that war, as decided by the US Congress, is "The War Between the States." But, we rarely ever use that title. Hardly anybody uses it.

Today the Third National Flag of the Confederacy will fly on the flagpole, on the NC State House grounds, in honor of the 200th Birthday of General Robert E. Lee.

If you really want to learn how history has been re-written, do a little studying of that war and what caused it. It will be a REAL eye-opener. Most people accept what they have been told, and been taught, about the war and the reasons behind it. When the reality of what actually happened sets in, most everybody,is stunned.

Best regards,