Thursday, January 04, 2007

Edwards Again???


During, and just after, the War Between the States, Southerners had a word they used to describe Southerners who sold out to the Yankees in order to find favor with the invading, and later occupying, army and in hopes of lining their own pockets off the misery of the devastated South. They were called SCALAWAGS!

With that in mind…

You have seen, a number of times, my personal opinion on Mr. John Edwards, as a politician. As a Southerner myself, he is an embarrassment to me. Now... read what an acquaintance of mine, Mr. Mike Tuggle, has to say about Mr. Edwards… again from the Southern Point of View.

Go here to reads Mike’s assessment:

I hope after reading this you will understand the depth of the distaste the South has for politicians of Mr. Edwards’s ilk. This should also help you understand why Mr. Edwards hasn’t a snowball’s chance of carrying the South in 2008!


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