Friday, January 12, 2007

Dems Push for Kennedy Kare !!!

Dems Push for Kennedy Kare!

You might think that after “Hillary Care” went down in flames, in the early nineties, the dems would be more sensitive, shall we say to stepping back into the flames.

Not so! The single most disliked, and distrusted, Senator of the lot has now moved the Universal Health Care card to the top of the deck.

Senator Kennedy, not suspected of being the sharpest knife in the drawer, is the designated point man on this one. As if Kennedy inspires confidence in anyone over the age of, oh, say six. But… he is out there… making a fool of himself, once again, in the name of socialism. For that is what we are talking about… socialized medicine. Call it what you like … but that is the TRUE definition. However, truth and Kennedy mix about like, well, alcohol and water.

For the details on the socialized medicine hijinks so far, we recommend you visit:

It didn’t take long, did it? The Dems just can’t control themselves. Their socialist nature will surge to the surface just as soon after they win an election as is possible.

The guilt ridden, filthy rich, Democrats are liberal as a result of the guilt they feel for having won life’s lottery. Well, winning life’s lottery is the way they see rich folks having gotten rich. The possibility that they may have worked their behinds off and earned every red cent of it is purely unacceptable to the liberal mind. No, if one is wealthy, one must have stolen it, or acquired it through some form of skullduggery. They simply will not accept that there, indeed, are Americans among us who do not depend on the government for their existence. There remains a huge portion of Americans who have earned their success… and wouldn’t you know it, the Dems want to fine them for it. That’s all a tax is… a fine for doing well.

There is an old expression which goes something like this”: “If you didn’t like taxation without representation, then, how do you like it WITH representation???”

The one most apt for this post, however, goes something like this: “If you think Healthcare is expensive now, just wait ‘til it’s free!!!”

Taxes are going up, anyway. I mean, that’s what Dems do… raise taxes and then spend the money on socialist programs to prop-up their base. It is the way of things. But, taxes will take a HUGE leap if Universal Healthcare is instituted in America. Plus, the level of health care will drop drastically! The good doctors will leave the country rather than work as a civil servant, on a salary, for the government, and, quite frankly, I don’t blame them a bit. If I had sunk thousands upon thousands of dollars into an education to obtain my doctorate, I’d damn sure go somewhere that I could practice medicine as I wished and not as the government dictates.

One other thing: Do not associate yourself with the attitude that Universal Healthcare will not affect you. Do not deceive yourself into believing that once such a system is instituted you will continue to see your own physician and pay for it out of your pocket. That is not true. You will not be able to do that! For the Universal Healthcare System to work… seeing and paying a private doctor must be made against the law. (That provision was covered by the Hillary Care, which made seeing a private physician illegal).

You see… the government knows that those who can afford to pay will not use the government healthcare system but will still be taxed like crazy for it. That will cause public support for those exceedingly high taxes, to support the system, to quickly fade. So, to make sure of the general public’s support for the Universal Healthcare plan, EVERYONE WILL BE REQUIRED TO USE IT… AND ONLY IT!

A Universal Healthcare System in this country is the single worst idea since the founding. It will devastate the economy, force businesses to close because of the extremely high tax burden, drive unemployment sky high, and, in general; wreak havoc on the American way of life.

If you think waiting a couple of hours to see a doctor is bad… wait ‘til you have to wait days, and weeks, and months. The system will be overburdened from the start. People who don’t ordinarily visit the doctor for minor illnesses will suddenly feel the irresistible urge to take advantage of this FREE service. Thus, the long waiting lines at doctors offices and hospitals. And it gets worse, much worse.

Something tells me the Dems do not expect to win this time around, either. Why else would they allow one of their two expendable Democrats to take the point on this bill? (The other expendable Democrat is John Kerry.)

In any event, they will continue pushing Universal Healthcare if for no other reason than it sounds good, it sounds as if they really care for the poor, and the middle class of Americans, upon whose backs they have built their power base.

If you look closely you will find the Democrats are paper-thin. You can see right through them.



Jeb said...

Good Post, Mr. longstreet

Perri Nelson said...

That's the Democrats for you... all about feel-good ideas and the appearance of caring... Who cares about reality anyway?

Longstreet said...

"Who cares about reality anyway?"

Perri: I have ALMOST come to believe that we are born with the internal wiring to either be Liberals or Conservatives. It is just very difficult to believe that ANYONE can be that liberal by choice!

You know, of course, that my tongue is fastened securely in my cheek!

Best regards,


Debbie said...

You say, “If you think Healthcare is expensive now, just wait ‘til it’s free!!!” That is a very true statement. People just have no idea the price free services will cost, not just in money either.

Anonymous said...

Debbie is right! It will be awful. We can't afford FREE healthcare!