Tuesday, January 23, 2007

World Wide Global Warming Hoax Marches On!

World Wide Global Warming Hoax Marches On!


It would seem there are entirely too many independent thinkers in America who will not toe the party line on the Global Warming Hoax. The proponents are up in arms and they want dissenting voices silenced. Some are even advocating revoking the certification of Meteorologists who question the eco-nut’s view on Man-Made Global Warming!

Marc Morano has a great piece on this over at:


I agree with those who feel this Man Made Global Warming is the greatest single Hoax ever to be perpetrated on the human race.

Military men have longed wished for a way to use the weather as a weapon. Now, it seems, the eco-nuts have found a way!

It would seem the arrogance of man knows no limits. For thousands of years man understood that he was at the mercy of the environment and the best he could do was protect himself from it. Primitive societies even worshipped the weather. We call them pagans. Today we call them eco-nuts. For the worship of nature is alive, and well, in the environmental movement, the world’s newest religion.

Far to many people, these days, worship nature and not nature’s God. Their numbers have grown far too strong. Now they are demanding that those scientists who think with their brains, rather than their emotions or their wallets, and base their decisions on cold hard facts, have their certification taken away. Let me tell you this: if I was still in the broadcasting business, I would hire a meteorologist who had had his certification taken away because he would not go along with the hoax perpetrators… and I would do it over all other applicants!

This Global Warming Movement is a power grab. It reminds one very much of the story of a modern man being, somehow, transported back to the days of the cavemen. He has only a cigarette lighter. But, that lighter makes him KING! Now we all know that lighter represents basic technology. A little butane gas, a piece of rock, upon which a piece of metal strikes to cause a spark, which ignites the flame. Basic stuff. But the same applies today. To those who are not meteorologists, the technology, the trained meteorologists have, makes him, or her, seem like the man with the lighter... and makes us feel like the cavemen of old. The natural inclination is to crown them king!

Then, there are those of us on the sidelines that question everything. You see… some of us have smacked a rock, with another rock, to produce a spark with which we lighted tender to start a fire. The only thing puzzling about the lighter (to us… the other cavemen) is the unseen substance that ignites. But, we quickly surmise the man with the lighter is certainly no god and is absolutely not suited for Kingship. Instantly, we become the troublemakers and we must be silenced.

As the Biblical writer said: “There is nothing new under the sun! All is vanity!”

The Democrats, who worship at the Alter of The Global Warming Hoax, are set to deluge the US in new laws, rules, and regulations (which have the force of law) to protect us against a danger… that doesn’t exist… Man Made Global Warming!

What delusion. What arrogance!



Jenn of the Jungle said...

Considering the fact that here in San Diego, we've broken every cold record there was for the last 2 months, I consider it a hoax.

RoxieAmerica said...

My hopes and dreams are dashed. I was hoping for a little global warming. Minnesota could use a little.