Tuesday, January 16, 2007

SCV Applauds School Decision on Confederate Battle Flag

16 January 2007


Sons of Confederate Veterans Commander in Chief Chris Sullivan has issued a statement on behalf of the organization lauding The David School of David, Kentucky, for their decision not to cancel a basketball game because of the presence of a Confederate battle flag at Allen Central High School.

Previously, the players on David's basketball team voted to not participate in a January 19 game in the city of Eastern, Kentucky based on Allen Central's use of the Confederate flag and alleged taunting towards the David School's only African American player.

However, according to a press release from The David School Board of Directors, the decision to cancel the basketball game with Allen Central was made without the consent of the appropriate school administrators. Upon this discovery, directors declared the decision to cancel the game as invalid and the basketball schedule stands. The board said all decisions that affect the activities of the school need to be made within the legitimate lines of authority of the school.

The Board of Directors also said administrators with the school will take the necessary steps to ensure respect at any games in which its players participate.

As the leader of the SCV, CiC Sullivan agrees with this decision, and the stance of the board.

"As a historical organization based on defending the honor of the Confederate soldier and the symbols that represent him, we are pleased to see The David School allow reason to supercede any action that otherwise might have been made in haste," he stated. "The presence of a battle flag, if used appropriately and honorably, should be no reason to cancel or postpone any event."

Sullivan did add, however, that the SCV is seeking out more information on the circumstances surrounding the use of the flag which precipitated the situation.

"Our organization will not stand by and condone the misuse or abuse of the honorable symbols of the Southern soldier any more than we will idly condone the arbitrary condemnation of those symbols by those who automatically equate them to racism or hate," he added. "We want to be sure that the flag in question was not, in fact, being used inappropriately. If it was, we need to make sure such misuse does not happen again."

"As Southerners, we love high school athletics that display the spirit of competition and good sportsmanship," Sullivan concluded. "The Sons of Confederate Veterans believes those qualities are foundations for good ethics and proper social behavior for young men and women as they approach their adult lives. We don't believe high school sports should be used as a forum for social or political purposes or demeaning behavior, and are proud to see the parties involved reach an amicable and reasonable solution to this situation."

Randy Young,
SCV Public and Media Relations Committee.

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