Friday, March 02, 2007

70-Year-Old Retired Marine Disarms, Kills a Robber, and Runs Two More Off!

70-Year-Old Retired Marine Disarms, kills a Robber, and Runs Two More Off!

A few days ago a busload of American tourists were in Costa Rica enjoying a little vacation when the bus they were on was stopped and boarded by armed robbers. One of the armed robbers dragged an American woman off the bus and held her with his gun to her head. It was then that a 70-year-old “retired” US Marine, a Vietnam Veteran, leapt from the bus, disarmed the robber, and killed him with his bare hands… and then ran the other two robbers off… thus saving the lives of his fellow tourists.

Now, folks, that is a man! That is a Marine! But, when you think about… it was really not a fair fight. I mean, one unarmed 70-year-old retired Marine against three armed men, no doubt younger than he… well; it was not really a contest. Now, TEN robbers would have made it a contest!
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Maybe if we had this Marine and his buddies running the Pentagon... that little crap shoot in Iraq would be long since over! GO MARINES!!!!!

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