Friday, March 30, 2007

Take the Fifth! Don’t Tell ‘em a Thing!

Take the Fifth! Don’t Tell ‘em a Thing!
“On the advice of my attorney, I hereby notify this committee that I will seek the protection afforded me by the 5th amendment to the Constitution!”

There, that ought to do it. The words above are those I’d like to hear uttered by every White House aid, and every employee, at the Justice Department, subpoenaed to appear before the “Witch Hunt” the democrats have set up to “investigate” the President’s firing of the eight US Attorneys.

Many years ago, I was a police offer, actually a Sheriff’s deputy. In a conversation with a state trooper, the trooper told me that he could site anyone he decided to cite. The trick, he said was to get behind them on the hiway and stay there until, eventually they broke some law. Then… he had them. He was correct.

What does all this have to do with the “Witch Hunt”?

Well, lets take a look at exhibit number one… the Scooter Libby Trial. Mr. Libby was not charged with having violated the law as far as the original investigation was concerned. The investigation concerned who, if anyone, uncloaked a CIA operative. Even before the investigation began, the special prosecutor knew who had done it and he knew it wasn’t Mr. Libby. So began the perjury trap.

Now… for those of you un-initiated in how the perjury trap works… this is how it works: You choose your target… someone you want to put in jail… and you question that person under oath. Then some weeks, or months later, you question that person again, under oath, asking the same questions. Then some months later you question that person again, under oath, and again asking the same questions. When the target changes his answers, even a little bit, he has perjured himself. Then charges are brought, the motions of going thru a trial are made, and he is found guilty… and his life, and career, is ruined.

“Why, that’s awful”, you may say. Yes, it is… but such is the depraved state of politics in America today. Politics in America has sunk to lowest, most indecent, depths in the history of the country.

And it is about to start all over again. The witch hunt the Congress is busy setting up to catch White House aids and Justice Department employees is all about embarrassing the Administration and proving the corruption of the GOP by putting as many people in jail as they possible can. It is a giant perjury trap and anyone who knows the least bit about the democrat controlled Congress understands that.

So how do you defend yourself in a perjury trap? Say nothing! Take the 5th amendment and say nothing else. It will foil those attempts to get you for perjury. If offered immunity… do not accept it. For if you accept it… you are then compelled to testify. And the perjury trap is re-set… just for you!

We’re down to “gutter fighting” now in Washington. The dems are trying for an all out coup de tat of the government. They will stoop to any measures to acquire a death grip on power in the government. They will utterly destroy anyone who gets in their way. They are ruthless.

For decades the democrat party has been on a mission. A mission to quietly take over the US government … from the inside. They have done it. It makes them election proof! They have slowly, and deliberately, placed democrat political hacks in positions of power within the agencies of the government and the cabinet departments of the administration so that even when they lose a Presidential election, or lose control of the Congress… they still control the government!

You think I’m paranoid? Well, maybe so. But, I have to tell you that in America today…paranoia is a GOOD thing!

What we need is a purge of our government, the Congress, the federal agencies, and Cabinet departments. Anyone having served in a position for, oh, say ten years, is out. We need term limits for Congress but the Supreme Court took care of that! It won’t happen.

The country is in a state of discontent, and unrest, and surliness is the order of the day. This, dear reader, is exactly the state you wish to bring a country to …when your intent is to take over that country’s government. We are ripe for the first snake oil salesman, or saleswoman, who comes along. And just look who is waiting in the wings for her cue!

The nation is being given the “Bum’s Rush” toward the Presidential Election with both sides fielding inferior candidates and then pushing primaries up so far that the election will be decided in February, or March, eight full months before the actual ballot casting election in November of next year!

Why the rush? Because if they slow down, you might actually get a chance to weigh the candidates and make a decision based on your knowledge of the candidate. This way, you will make the choice the party wants you to make. Not necessarily the choice you would make on your own. It’s a not very subtle slight of hand move by both parties and it is a shame!

America is at it’s most vulnerable right now. Never in our history has the US been this pre-occupied with something other than national security. If our enemies, which are legion, do not take advantage of our weakness and strike us now, it will be God’s grace that protects us… and nothing else.


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Frank said...

If Clinton's aids would have done that, you would have "crapped bricks"..... What's good for the goose is good for the gander....

reddog said...

They want Gonzales, Ruve and Bush. They'll give the aides immunity. Their only choice will be testify or prison.

Longstreet said...

Get a grip, guys! No crime has been committed! The President has the right to hire and fire US attorneys... even if he doesn't like the way they part their hair. No... the dems are trying to CREATE a crime by trapping witmesses in their perjury trap. Hell, they're trying to make conservatism a crime!

Now if you want to talk about ABUSE of POWER... my God, just look at the dems! There you see a case of a power-mad bunch of old hippes!

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, the President not the congress had the final say on all issues.