Saturday, March 10, 2007

McCain Has No Chance of Winning the White House!

(This Post first ran in January of 2006!)


McCain Cannot Win!


A nationally syndicated columnist predicted in his column today that the Republican and Democrat candidates for President would be John McCain and Mrs. Bill Clinton, respectively.

I have no argument with Mrs. Bill Clinton as the Democratic candidate. As a matter of fact, we Republicans are counting on it. We can beat her handily, at the polls, without breaking a sweat. On the other hand, a sure way for Mrs. Bill Clinton to win, is for the Republicans to run John McCain as our candidate.

Here’s why:

Conservatives will not vote for McCain. The Republicans cannot win without the conservative vote…ALL the conservative vote.

Personally, I would have a terrible time convincing myself to vote for McCain even with the disaster of TSFNY, Mrs. Bill Clinton, staring me in the face. It may become a question of honor. Honor will win… if it comes to that. I will not support, nor will I vote for McCain.

McCain is not considered a Southerner, for starters. Even though the Territory of Arizona seceded form the US and fought with the Confederacy during the War for Southern Independence, McCain, himself, does not reflect the Southern values so highly regarded in my section of the country. It is a lost cause for him to even try it.

Southern Conservatives are sitting on the fence right now. We are angry with the current Administration because of their mangled immigration policies and their failure to secure our southern border. We are very close to taking matters into our own hands, along that border, and begin patrols of armed citizens. This is the single most serous concern, short of the war, the South has. We are being over run and we want that border closed and sealed. Frankly, we’re not likely to vote for any candidate who does not promise to close, and seal, the southern border.

That said, Republicans would be well, advised to begin looking among the southern governors for a successor to Bush. We’re not going to vote for McCain.

How about Haley Barbour, Governor of Mississippi? He’s a rock solid conservative Republican and he is as sharp as a tack. Why not Haley?

I’m serious here. The Republicans had better find a better candidate than McCain. That is, unless they want Bill Clinton back in the White House! Perish the thought!


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Kurt said...

Could you imagine if the race became Thompson vs. Gore? That would be something!

Longstreet said...

Yup! ...And I can tell you, even now, how Tennessee would vote... THOMPSON... along with NC and SC!

Best regards, sir!


Jon said...

I like to read something about where Mr. Thompson stands on the issues of the day and how he plans on fixing the fiscal mess Bush has created.