Friday, March 09, 2007

Democrats Make it Easy for Terrorists to Kill Americans!

Democrats Make it Easy for Terrorists to Kill Americans!


The flailing about of the Democrats in DC are going to get a lot of people killed, mostly Americans. Yet they go blissfully on their way blinded by their hatred for George Bush and the Republicans. I have said before, the hatred of the Democrats for Republicans, and George Bush, is pathological. It’s a sickness. But their sickness is wreaking havoc on the American soldier and citizen.

The folks over at Red State have a terrific article on this posted there. We recommend that you go there and read it. It’s short. It won’t take you long, but it sure as hell will get you thinking!

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I don’t know how they sleep nights!

On top of all these shenanigans they are bound and determined to cut off funding for the war effort in Iraq. They don’t even consider that every American soldier’s life lost, after that is accomplished, can, and will be, laid right at their collective doorsteps. We will never let them forget it!

Their’s is a sort of arrogance, born out of ignorance, which is absolutely wondrous to behold. The American Left has no knowledge of the use or application of military force. They see the American military as another arm of their political machine. If some American Armed Forces Members get killed, well, that’s just too bad. But, to actually use the military for the purpose it was created, in the first place, is completely over their lofty heads. THEY prefer to use the US Military as a glorified, uniformed, “Meals on Wheels” service!

The Left does not understand national security. If they did, they would not defund the fence along the US/Mexican border. But they have. Nor would they seek to bring deadly king-pin terrorists from a prison where they are deliberately being held, off shore, to protect the American civilians from harm should their cohorts make an attempt at freeing them. Yet, that is exactly what the Left proposes to do.

Common sense is not common at all amongst the Left.

We conservatives have been warning that all this was going to happen with that merry bunch of “old hippies” and “flower children” in charge of what USED to be our government. But little heed was paid. Now the bill is about to come due.

It will give me no pleasure to remind you of this when the bombs begin to go off in our Malls, Schools, Athletic Arenas, and other so-called “soft targets”.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The dems make love not war… the terrorists make war not love. What could be simpler? Only the minds of the Leftist hordes in Washington, DC.


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Debbie said...

I worry about the next attack on America, but I'm also worried about what we are allowing to happen inside the US already. Like all the Wahhabi schools, the preaching of hate and terror under the 'freedom of speech guise. They are getting such a foothold here in the US, it will be like the UK and Europe if we let it continue.