Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Run, John, Run!… Away from Fox News!!!

Run, John, Run!… Away from Fox News!!!

Still have doubts about the spine of John Edwards? Huh?

OK, surely the fact that Mr. Edwards has extreme difficulty facing reporters, who do not necessarily subscribe to his brand of politics, grabbed your attention… did it not? Well, it should have!

I am from Edwards’s home state. Either one! He lays claim to “The Carolinas”. Like him, I was born in South Carolina and spent over half my life in North Carolina. So, I have a pretty fair handle on Mr. Edwards… at least as far as his politics goes. And it ain’t good!

The folks over at World Net Daily have a piece you should read. It’s titled “John Edwards the Wuss”! It is written by Barbara Simpson. She sums it up pretty well.

We recommend you visit World Net Daily and read it. You’ll find it at:


You know, it says something about a politician when the people of his own state will not vote for him on a national ticket. But, then, I don’t expect you to listen to Tar Heels who have experienced his “leadership” in Washington. Suffice it to say that had NC not had ANOTHER representative in the Senate we would have had NO representation in that body. THIS state has had all it wants, and then some, of Edwards. And… we do not wish him on the remaining 49 states!

Actually, North Carolina hasn’t had a REAL Senator since Jesse Helms retired. Now, Jesse was a “North Carolina kind” of Senator. He didn’t mince words, he was plain spoken, and everyone knew where he stood on all the issues. Jesse continued to be elected by Democrats, and Republicans alike, from this state. Unfortunately, there is not likely to be another Jesse Helms… and we are the worse for it.

The point is… North Carolina has had the best Senator possible for the state. On the other hand we have had the worst, too. I believe I pointed out whom the best was. It’s up to you to decide the worst.

Senators are rarely elected to the position of President of the US. Most folks believe they are not trained for it. They have no “executive” background… is one way to put it. But, ask yourself this… if a former Senator has the reputation of having been one of the worst Senators, ever, how, then, can we expect him to be even a passable President? That’s the question all you folks in the 49 other states have to ask yourselves. As for the Tar Heels, we made that decision a while back.

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Frank said...

Fox is not a legitimate news source, it is government friendly..... News is not to be in bed with any political party and is supposed to stand up to government..... Hence the first Ammendment. Actually none of the MSM is legitimate news, if they would have asked the tough questions going into Iraq instead of flag waving we wouldn't be in the middle of their civil war with no WMD.... Wait we did have WMD... Weapons of Mass Deception.

OTTMANN said...


You're so right! Did you catch that article on the firing of the lawyeres in the WSJ? You can get on RealClearPolitics.

If you read my latest blog also, keep it in mind when reading about Hillary and her grandstanding.

Frank said...

While the firing of these prosecuters is not illegal, it is sleezy, many republicans have said it was a "dumb move". Prosecution of law violaters, be they the guy on the street or high ups that lie to grand jury (Clinton and Libby combined) should be prosecuted for it. This should not be a partisan or bi partisian affair, it should be non partisian, when all illegal activity has a light cast on it we all (no matter what political persuasion) benefit as a society from it. The legal prosecution of violaters is NOT nor shall it ever be and extention of the Executive branch of government, with reward going to "Loyalty" rather than Job Performance. I am surprised that you didn't mention the big mistake that Clinton and Janet Reno fired (I believe all 93 of them) in his first couple weeks of his first term. (I guess he "thought" that was just the normal thing to do) but after 8 years in office this guy shoulda known better..... I am not defending Clinton's actions on this other than saying in some instances he wasn't too much brighter than Bush, I just like his politics alot better. Any one in his 50's that gets a 21 yr old under his desk and keeps the Mrs. gets gets oral declassified as actual sex (for more than just us Catholics) gets my vote...... That just oooozes of testosterone, something you seem to find appealing.

Longstreet said...

Frank, you're on the wrong post. Read the following day's post. I DID mention Clinton's firing of all 93 US Attorneys. I remember it very well, indeed!

One other thing... prosecution of federal crime DOES fall under the Executive Branch of Government! The Attorney General and all the US Attorneys are hired, and fired, and work, AT THE PLEASURE OF THE PRESIDENT! Hell, he can fire one if he doesn't like the way the guy parts his hair!