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“Wobbles” cause Global Warming… just… Not On Earth!

“Wobbles” cause Global Warming… just… Not On Earth!

The planets wobble a bit as they make their journey around the sun. Every school kid knows that. Well, they used to… before the American Pubic School System went to hell in a handbag! But that’s for another day.

Back to the “wobbles” and global warming. We here at IoF have been pointing out, for many months, that our celestial neighbor; Mars, has been warming up, too… and at nearly the same rate as earth. Somehow, whenever this news makes a public appearance it is quickly shuttled off to, well, wherever it is the Mainstream Media sends “inconvenient truths”. (Not Gore’s Movie! I mean the REAL thing!) However, the fact that you don’t hear about it does not make it any the less true!

Our friends over at “OPINIONNATION” have a great piece on this topic.

For more on the story and to read their timely article, go here:


You will, of course notice how the Global Warming hoaxers pooh-pooh anything that does not support their outlandish claims that we are all going to die horrible deaths by drowning, and/or cooking in our own juices, if we do not immediately turn the clock back to, oh, roughly, the Middle Ages! They sound more like a lot of Luddites than scientists.

You know, the thing that has bothered me from the very beginning of this hoax is… why does the warming of the globe have to be disastrous? Huh? Seems to me, there are lots of good things to come from warmer weather like less sickness, more food, more jobs, etc. And that just scratches the surface. So what if the summer is a bit hotter. Hey. I’m a Southerner. Summer, for us, is that period of the year when hot water comes out of BOTH faucets! There must be something to like about if for the “snowbirds” are flocking to our land of sunshine and warm weather. That’s fine, I say: “Keep North Carolina Green! Bring MONEY!”

Oh, the beaches??? Well, they’ll still be here. But if the sea level rises the beaches will simply move, like the human population, farther inland. But they will still be here and those willing to pay godawful prices for wash away real estate will still build house on it! And the good news for you inlanders,… it won’t take you as long to drive to the beaches, either!

No, I just don’t see it. The down side to global warming, I mean. Looking back over the history of the planet we see that each time there has been a warming period, humanity has thrived! I see no reason to believe that will change when we look back on the warming period we are about to end.

Yes, I did say END! We have been climbing out of the last ice age and are about to slide into another cool down as we head toward the on-coming ice age. It is the way of the earth’s climate. Now, the UN didn’t tell me that. History told me that. It’s right there for anyone to see.

Down here, in Hurricane Ally, we have a little less than 90 days to prepare for the oncoming Hurricane Season. We will do as we always do, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Had we listened to the hoaxers last season we all would have fled our homes in June only to return, to pick up the pieces, around Christmas. Not a single storm touched us. Not one! This year? Who knows? We could be nailed several times, as we were a few years ago when we were hit several times in one month.

Thing is… we stay tuned in to the weather conditions around us. We tend to make conclusions about weather projections, and weather predictions, based on the history of the weather in our area. Take that a step farther and investigate the history of the world’s weather and one will conclude that “man made” global warming is a hoax. Period!

Look, I’m convinced the Global Warming thing is nothing more that a global attack of mass hysteria. That’s all. A lot of folks are going to make fools of themselves, as hysterical folks always do. Looking back at this period from, oh, say, 50 years in the future, our off-spring will have a great laugh about it much as we are laughing today about the world wide famines, and the dying seas, and all those other dire predictions by the hysterical class back in the 70’s.

So the earth wobbles? Now, if the earth decides to switch ends, or exchange the equator for the poles, then THAT would be something to worry about!

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Frank said...

No, I just don’t see it. The down side to global warming, I mean.
I am not even going to suggest there is anything we can do about it sir. But the downside is the currents in the ocean will change, along with wind currents and the big "heat exchanger", if you will, will stall and we will actually see an ice age near the poles. This change is already being seen as the ice sheet in Antartica is, well expanding. I am not saying that co2 emissions have nothing to do with it, they do, I am just saying there are alot more powerfull forces behind it than man. It is cyclicle, the las ice age was a result of a "warm up" in the earth's temperature. This planet is only temporary anyway. A plus could also be, if we don't allow people to move inaland, heck they made their bed let them lay in it, there would globaly be so fewer people gas and other comodity prices may come down too.

Michael Paetzold said...

Just wanted to stop and leave a Gazoo for any Blogazoo surfer who stops by.

Wally Banners said...

Great article man!!