Thursday, March 01, 2007

UN Seeks World-Wide Global Warming Tax!!

New Global Tax Requested by the UN to Combat Fictitious Global Warming!

Back when I was a kid, down in South Carolina, when a fellow was so stuck on himself, so self absorbed and impressed with his own importance we used to say: “He’s full of himself!” I think that expression aptly fits the United Nations and their Global Warming campaign. Then on the other hand, it fits the UN… regardless of what they are into on any given day. They are drunk on power they don’t have.

So now, they want to place a carbon tax on all the countries of the world to force us to comply with their rules and regulations. I got news for ‘em! It ain’t gonna happen in the US. Let me back up a minute. I need to rephrase that. It should read… “It ain’t gonna happen in the US… until we elect a Democrat President!” Then all bets are off. The democrat’s socialist bent is such that there is no question in my mind they will do every thing possible to destroy what little is left of this once flourishing democracy.

If you care to read the entire article from the “Voice of America”, go may go here:

If you are a regular to this site, you know that we don’t buy into the “Hoax of Global Warming”. You may have gathered that we DO happen to think we are nearing the beginning of a New Ice Age.
(see: )

Over the decades there have been several incarnations of the old Medicine Show rip-offs. The self-professed Doc would stand on the tailgate of his ornate wagon and tell all who would listen of the miracle cure in the bottle he held in his hands. Often it was a little flavored water with an undetermined amount of alcohol to insure the buyer at least felt a “kick”. These traveling salesmen moved from the wagons to the print media and finally the broadcast media and if you pay attention to your e-mail, especially the Spam… they are still hard at work today. And they STILL manage to sell their product.

The latest product of the snake oil salesmen is the Global Warming Hoax. And, as usual, they have buyers. This time they have become so persuasive they have managed to convince whole countries and whole governments of the truth in their carefully spun tales. Plus, they have the added bonus of using the fact that some will not buy their bogus claims as proof that the hold-outs are denying the inevitable, the destruction of the earth as a result of mans’ abuse of nature. They have coined a new name for folks like me who do not buy their hokum. They call us ‘deniers”. Now, that is supposed to conjure up a mental picture in the minds of their adherents of the “Holocaust deniers”. And the final touch… they have placed the date of the final destruction of the earth so far into the future that no one on earth today can prove whether they are right or wrong. It is a beautifully woven scheme. And it is working.

But... there are skeptics, you hear little about, who are "willing to stand up for what they do not believe in" . For more on this go here:

Look, I spent my career in broadcasting persuading people to go places they ordinarily wouldn’t go, and buy things they didn’t need and ordinarily would not buy. My job was to create a need, a desire, if you will, in the minds of the public. It is a fairly simple process. And… it is absolutely amazing how easy it is to fool the bulk of the population about anything, at anytime. Many make livings at it today. Don’t believe me? Turn on your TV, or your radio, and pick up your newspaper. Then ask yourself why you use the brand of toothpaste that you use. Why do you drive the brand automobile that you drive? Why buy the brand of jeans you are wearing, etc., etc.. I’ll bet you actually THINK YOU may a conscious decision to buy all those things on your own with no outside influence. You see, that’s what you are supposed to think! Back in the day, if I did my job properly, you would buy what I strongly, but smoothly, SUGGESTED you buy and… all the while you would swear on a stack of bibles that you made the decision to make that purchase all on your own. I was GOOD at my job.

Today, on the Radio, on the TV, in the Newpapers, on the Internet, at your church, at your children’s schools, you are being hit with the biggest “snow job” since the Donner Party ate each other! And… it seems… that most of you are buying it.

We suggest you step back, take a deep, breath and do a little investigating of you own right from the chair you are sitting in... in front of your computer. The info you need to make an informed decision is right there on the Internet. All you have to do is ask for it.

When you do, I’ll bet you quickly join the ranks of the “deniers” right alongside “yours truly”!


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OTTMANN said...

Right ON Longstreet!

I did another one on Gore that talks about how insane it all is and what a commie traitor he is.

Check it out when you have time, and keep up the great work!

Longstreet said...

Thanks, my friend! 'ppreciate it!

Best regards,