Thursday, March 29, 2007

America's Painful Future

(This Post first ran in January of 2007!)

America’s Painful Future
At no time, in our history, has this great nation approached the abyss of total destruction as we do this day in January 2007. And, yet, Americans go about their everyday business with barely a thought for their national safety, for the safety of their families, and with no thought for the survival of American democracy.

All the while, waiting in the shadows, the grinning faces of the enemy peers upon their hapless American victims as they strive to feed their insatiable hunger for world domination. Their craving for establishment of a one-world theocracy reaches beyond the cravings of sane men and women. They have soared above the plain of mere mortals and, safe in their self imposed cocoon of everlasting life in paradise, which they are certain they can gain by murdering as many non-believers as they possibly can, they willingly sacrifice their own lives on the alter of delusional covetousness.

It is power they crave. They seek not to save men’s souls, but to enslave them. They seek not to bring harmony, but discord. They seek not the betterment of mankind but the enslavement and bitter destruction of their fellow human beings… all in the name of their god. They covet… the world!

The American Congress, comfortable in it’s self imposed certitude that no threat to America exists, goes on about it’s daily task of re-enforcing the public’s alternate reality of security by belittling a President who has committed himself, and his administration, to keeping the country safe and secure from it’s enemies without… and unfortunately… within…even when the American people, and their Congress, demonstrate an obvious desire for selfish comfort in oblivion.

America is hip-deep in a war for it’s very existence and the American people have crafted a “daydream world” in which they move, and breathe, and have their being.

The Democrat Propaganda Machine (referred to often on this site as the Main Stream Media or MSM) is nothing more than “lapdogs of the American Political Left”. They move their lips… and it is the voice of the American Left. They move their pens, across the paper, and it is the words of the American Left. They daily churn out their messages of deceit, and misinformation, assuring the American people that there is no lasting threat from the Islamofacists. They prop-up the Left’s message that the “terrorists only need our understanding”. They mean us no harm; it is we, the American people, who are at fault as a result of our repression of the hordes of dysfunctional people, in dysfunctional countries, with dysfunctional governments. If only we had taken the time to learn why they hate us they would hate us no longer.

It is deceitful pabulum! It is designed to salve the restlessness of some of the American people who read between the lines, and look beyond the shadows, in search of the truth. For, you see, the Truth Seekers are a threat to the American Left. The American Left shares the Islamofacists desire for power. In order to assure that power they are more than willing to ignore the primary duty of any government and that is to guarantee the security of those it governs.

Wars cost money. Freedom is not free! And unfortunately for the world, the American Left now has it’s fists tightly clinched on the purse strings of the American treasury and are now threatening to cut-off funds for our men and women in uniform which they need to fight the enemy on distant shores. They are threatening to cut of ammunition, and war fighting material, in order to force the Commander-in-Chief to retreat and give in… and, as it were… run from the enemy. They will not recognize that fact that we fight an enemy, which will press its advantage even unto the shores of America itself. There is no disengagement with this enemy until either defeat or victory.

There is no commitment on the American Left to victory. None whatsoever. They relish America’s failure. Each day America continues to exist, as a capitalist nation, is an embarrassment to them. Their socialist dream, of each man suffering equally, is very real to the American Left. And… they are willing to sacrifice the only nation left on this planet able to resist pure, raw, evil.

America drifts in a sea of chaos as a ship without a rudder. The American military now has 535 Commanders-in-Chief instead of the constitutionally mandated one Commander-in-Chief, the President. The old joke of a camel being, in fact, a horse… designed by a committee, is illustrative of our military’s efforts in the Middle East today. In truth, a committee is running the war.

The number of new troops introduced into the theatre of war, in Iraq, is of no significance, whatsoever. The war there… is lost. The US Military has been defeated, not by the Islamofacists, but by the American Left. The lasting shame of Americans defeating Americans will never be forgotten. If America is fortunate enough to be saved by another nation’s military, and fortitude, shameful memories will haunt the dreams of older Americans, such as I, who remember a day when one was actually proud to be an American. For America, in her glorious, and not so glorious past, was a country, which could not be defeated on, or off, the battlefield. Much as the states of the Ole Confederacy still hold deep seated distrust for the states of the Old Union, there will be searing memories which will be handed down from generation to generation… and the scars will never heal.

To leave the battle, before the battle is won, is to either leave in defeat… or leave in cowardice. There is no other option. As the Spartan mothers told their soldier sons… return “with your shield… or upon it”.

It is a painful time for Americans of my age. We have the memories of an America, glorious and honorable in her past… a past, which has been forgotten and erased, in many cases, from the history books of America’s students. Above all things America was honorable. A young American today would be hard pressed to define “honor”. To define “dishonorable” is much easier. One has only to turn one’s attention to the actions of the American Congress, ruled by the American Left, for a real-time view of dishonor.

As we Americans view ourselves in that inner mirror, we can know that even today, America can be defeated… only by herself. And that is the shameful path we have chosen.


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Anonymous said...

Since you bring up the second amendment I will say, if because of one nut job they will bring up the debate to rid the rights of gun ownership, to which I will say, I will give them up if you or them admit that homosexuality is wrong and aids which started in the gay community has killed more than this sort of crime in the last ten years and their will be a constitutional amendment declaring that marriage is between man and woman.

I say this because my katana is sharp and I know my house better that an armed intruder and we know they can’t have their cake and eat it too.