Monday, March 05, 2007

The American Balkans! (or: How the Dream, that was America, collapsed!)

The American Balkans! (or: How the Dream, that was America, collapsed!)


The assassination attempt on the VP of the US a few days ago was an attempt at murder. Yet the American Left is ready to defend a would be murderer in an attempt upon the life of the number two man in the American government. It doesn’t get any lower than that!

Yes, the loving, tolerant, Left now supports assassination as an accepted method of regime change in the United States. Just forget about elections. Do it the old fashioned way. They are coming to resemble the socialist of the Old Soviet Union more and more each day.

Thank I’m blowing this out of proportion? Well go to the “Newsbusters” website and read the blog posted there and then decide whether the love and the tolerance on the Left is real or… just as hypocritical as those of us on the Right have known for decades.

Go to:
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If, dear reader, you have been harboring thoughts that the American Left and the American Right will ever be able to reconcile and become one vast, single, goal- oriented electorate, I hope this has disabused you of that hallucinatory conception. No, the two are so totally different in their philosophies of life and politics… and even religion, that there is absolutely no hope of ever putting aside those differences and “coming together”.

When one takes the rose colored glasses off, and removes the blinders from one’s eyes, one can see clearly that not only will there never be a resolution of the Left and Right in American politics, but of necessity one will have to overcome the other… quite likely in open combat, or battle, to claim the country for itself. Thus, the title of this article

There was a time when I felt that I would not live to see the next civil war in America but I must say that at the speed comity is dissolving in American I may yet live to see the opening shots.

The Left is it’s own worst enemy. They have the opinion that the Right, like them, will continue to put up with their whining and nipping at the heels of the Great American dream. What they fail to understand is that when the people of the American Right have had enough they will move with the speed of light as a hammer against an anvil. That is to say the Right will rise up and smash the Left out of existence.

The divide between the two sides grows wider by the minute. Already, we have two Americas in existence today. How we manage to keep up the fa├žade of unity, only God, Himself, can say, for I do not know.

But the Right’s patience is running out. When the Left begins to support assassination attempts on American leaders as an acceptable way to overthrow a duly elected government, then… that is the last straw.

Let’s face it: The Left wants a socialist regime in America and they will stop at nothing, as we now know, to get it.


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Kurt said...

There are extremists on both sides of the aisle. We can only hope to live by the politics of St. Paul, "All things in moderation".
It's up to those closest to the center to keep us together.