Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pardon Libby... NOW!

Is It Illegal to be a Republican in the US?

Well, FINALLY, the Left has managed to criminalize politics in the US. At least the WRONG kind of politics!

What is/are the WRONG kind of politics? Why, the Republican persuasion, of course.
If the recent Libby trial proved anything at all it proved that!

For more on this we recommend you read Ann Coulter's article entitled "Shooting Elephants in a barrel" at Yahoo News. Go here:
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For the past couple of generations the American Left has infiltrated the government of the US, and it’s agencies, until they have a strangle hold on the life of every citizen in this country. They have been successful in spreading their power and influence throughout the bureaucracies that have their fingers into your business from the time your feet hit the floor in the mornings until your head hits the pillow at night.

How did this happen? Well, it has been a carefully laid plan, worked out to the finest detail, and implemented right in front of our noses. And we allowed it! The ultimate goal? To never lose power in the US government. To never allow the reins of power to slip from their grip. And they have succeeded! Oh, HOW they have succeeded!

The political Right in America, and the Conservative Movement in America, abhor government and government power. “The less government, the better”, is the battle cry of the Right. Members of the political Right do not seek jobs in the government. They/we see government as a necessary evil… but one that we must have for good order… AND THAT IS ALL!. To ask us to dirty our hands in its inner workings is asking us to do something akin to a cardinal sin! So we do not seek careers in government. No, in fact we get as far from it as we can.

The Political left, on the other hand, trains for government positions from their earliest days in school. They seek, and obtain, colleges degrees that will open the doors of government agencies for them. They spend their entire working lives in those rabbit warrens of bureaucracy. They LOVE IT! “They’re making a difference! They’re changing the world for the better”!

Yeah, right. It’s different, all right. And... whose world are they changing... and who is it better FOR, huh? The hypocrisy is overwhelming!

Why does the Left love government? It is POWER. It is raw power. The concept of free will, of the freethinking individual, gives them nightmares! No! They cannot allow people to be free! Why, no telling what a FREE people would do. So they are compelled to write rules and regulations, which according to Congress have the force of law, in order to keep Americans in line. And they do it well… exceedingly well.

The Left has so wound itself around, in, and through, the fabric of this country that they now control everything…from the White House to the Congress to the Supreme Court. No longer does it matter who the President is, or from which party he comes. No. He isn’t in control, anyway.
It’s the little people who work in the shadows of the men and women who stand awash in the camera lights. The folks you never see and never hear, but whose rules and regulations govern your very life. THEY push the buttons and THEY pull the strings!

So what if a President is elected they do not agree with? Why, that’s an easy one. They will undermine his, or her, administration until they bring it down in failure. Case in point… the current Bush Administration. How is this possible you ask? He’s the Big Man. They can’t do that!
Of Course They Can! Look, a hundred pigmies can bring a giant to his knees!

The political hacks of the Left have been busy gutting the Bush Administration from Day One! They have not let up! It’s working beautifully, too! See what I mean when I say that it makes no difference who the President is? The President just THINKS he runs things. Commander-in-Chief? Yeah, right! Ever see the Pentagon? Thousands of those pigmies there! Ever see the CIA building over at Langley? Add a few more thousand pigmies, plus those at the State Department, ESPECIALLY those at the State Department. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the Left’s mega-machine in our nation’s government.

So… what ever happened to the constitution? The consti… what? OH, you mean the paper drawn-up by our Founding Fathers laying out the dictates upon which this nation would be designed and would conduct it’s affairs? Well, that’s out-dated these days! I mean, times change! You gotta change with ‘em or you go down, man!

Yeah, right!

If you had any doubt, any at all, about who runs… and HOW they run… the US government,
the past few years of watching the Left at work in DC should disabuse you of any idea that you are a free person living in a free country.

There was a time, in the distant past, when that may have been true. But even the memories of freedom grow dim.

The Scooter Libby “Trial” is just another indication of those pigmies at work. Oh, they’re not finished yet! Libby was not, and is not, their target. The target is VP Chaney and, ultimately, the President.

I have come to believe that the last best hope to recover our country from the Leftist Pigmies of the bureaucracies was Ronald Reagan. It was he who said, “Government is not the answer. Government is the problem!” He was, of course, correct. But, even the Great Reagan had not a chance against the “embedded” Left in the US Government

So, what do we do about it? Nothing. It’s too late. We have lost our country.

Having said that, it WOULD make me feel better if President Bush would issue a Presidential Pardon to Mr. Libby, ASAP, and not wait until the end of his term to do so.

Mr. President, you come from Texas. Let’s see some TEXAS IN YOU, SIR! Pardon Libby... and do it NOW!


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Doug said...

Isn't it according to the constitution that the rules written by congress have the force of law?

Frank said...

Now wait a minute. He lied, under oath to a grand jury. And what did he lie about? He lied about who decided to get "even" with someone who was sent by the CIA to investigate whether or not Iraq was getting Uranium from Africa, as was stated for a reason for us going to war in the first place. And when there was no such evidence they outted his wife a CIA operative which in itself is a felony. Pardon him hell I wouldn't recognize that pardon and I hope the next Democratic president has the conservative supreme court members "disappeared" along with republican sin congress and then I would move to have congress change the constitution so that the highest ranking Democrat, whatever that may be is Commander in Chief and should a Republican ever hold the Whitehouse or a majority position anywhere in the country that the again Ranking Democrat in the country appoints a "Supreme and Ominipitent Overseer" to baby-sit said Republican just to ensure this kind of crap never happens again. If Clintion would have done anything like this you guys would have had a "canary", oh wait you tried with "White Water" and found nothing..... The lies about Iraq hurt and killed more people than "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" ever could have. Maybe they should impeach Bush and Cheney and jail them and all who oppose this action.

Longstreet said...

Yes, Doug, they do. That's not what I'm talking about, though. I'm talking about rules and regulations written by government agencies such as the FCC,the FTC, the IRS, etc, etc, the entire alphabet of agencies, which are given the "force of law" by the congress and not by the constitution.

Longstreet said...

Frank, I don't know how much clearer I get get: This trial had nothing, whatsoever, to do with Iraq. Nothing! This was a get Bush, get Ghaney, effort from the gitgo. It is an abuse of power by the Left... and... they'll get away with it because they pull the strings and push the buttons from the shadows. The left's propagnada machine, the Mainstream Media, will cover any probkems there might be and see that the public hears onlyn what the left wants the public to hear, see, and read.

You guys are fond of calling the Right "nazis". Well, my friend what you all have just done was right out of the hand book of Nazi Party. I certainly hope you are happy.