Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Draft Fred Thompson for President!

Draft Fred Thompson For President!


Conservatives are beating the bushes looking for a candidate to vote for in the ’08 Presidential Contest. There is a general feeling among conservatives that none of the current crop of candidates the GOP has put forward are conservative, even though some of them are trying desperately to convince us they are. Their attempts are failing with the predictability of a lead balloon rising into the air!

Now comes Fred Thompson of Tennessee. Thompson is a flat-out conservative. Now, before we go any further, let’s understand something: Fred is NOT Ronald Reagan. I believe he’d be the first to tell us that... and most likely will, soon. But, he IS conservative and that, dear reader, is what matters.

It has been downright gloomy here in the conservative trenches. So, you can imagine how our spirits have lifted just at the hint that Former Senator Thompson will toss his formidable hat into the ring. It is like a breath of air to a suffocating man! All across the US conservatives are peeking over the redoubts and fortifications scanning the political landscape for a leader. We MAY have found that leader. The very thought, itself, is refreshing!

In a commentary piece, over at GOPUSA, Doug Patton has written that if Thompson runs he can not only defeat anyone the democrats nominate, including Hillary Clinton, but Patton goes on to say that Thompson’s coattails just might be long enough to bring the GOP back to power in the Congress! You can read Patton’s piece here:

As a concerned conservative, myself, I am sincere in my desire for Thompson to run. If the RNC, and the GOP, have any desire for victory… and the full support of their party... should their candidate win, then they had better sit up and take notice and get behind Fred! For IF, McCain, Giuliani, or Romney should win this thing, none of them will have conservative support during their term in office. It won’t be pretty! And the shunning by the conservatives will have a lasting effect.

“Draft Fred” petitions are up on the “net! We, here at IoF, encourage you to take a look at the petition at:

Draft Fred Thompson for President

It’s time to get behind the only “truly conservative” possibility in the ’08 Presidential race. Fred Thompson.


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