Sunday, March 25, 2007

We Gave Away the United States!

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April of 2006!)


We Gave Away the United States!


Every politician, from the President on down, stands before the microphones and states: “We are a nation of laws! No man is above the law!”

Well, we now know that that is a load of horse hockey!

When the government body, charged by the constitution to make the laws of the US, tries, as best it can, to pass a law which would allow lawbreakers amnesty, well, those actions put the lie to their statements about this being a nation of laws. It’s a crock!,

Yes, I’m referring to illegal immigration. As I write from the state with the fourth largest number of illegals of any state in the union, I have to tell you, we “legals” are fed up.

I’m also fed up with the bleeding heart liberals telling me I am wrong, and that I have no compassion. That, too, is a crock.

Look, I do not subscribe to the theory of “relativism”. So far as I am concerned there is right and there is wrong… period. No gray areas.

So, do not try to pluck my heart strings by telling me that many of the illegals have had their children here, since they slipped across the border, and to send them back we would have to separate families, separate mothers from children. So, what’s your point??? The baby is a US citizen. He, or she, stays and mom and dad go back to whereever the heck they came from. So far as I’m concerned, it is cut and dried. They broke the law, now everybody pays.
Momma, Daddy, and Baby!

About the only thing America asks for from its citizens, and those visiting here, is to obey the law! But, when our own law enforcement agencies, and our own government, will not enforce the law, what good is having it in the first place?

Now, as to those low wages, that cheap labor supplied by the illegals… If the labor unions have their way, they will organize those people and then they’ll all be out of work! Why? Well, the farmer using them (because of the cheap wages he can pay) will dump them, in a heartbeat, in favor of MORE illegals who WILL work for those cheap wages.

Now, as to them doing work that Americans won’t do. What about the folks on welfare in America? What about the folks drawing unemployment in America? Those jobs, now held by illegal immigrants, will be vacant and begging for help if we send the illegals back to Mexico! What’s to stop the US from demanding that recipients of welfare and unemployment do those jobs?

And another thing: let’s establish English as the official language of the United States. I’m tired of buying a new product and then having to thumb through a multipage booklet of instructions looking for a set of instructions in ENGLISH!

If we don’t get hold of this illegal immigration problem, we won’t have a recognizable US in 30 years. One more generation and the US will be a Spanish dominated, Spanish speaking country and folks will wonder what ever happened to the United States. Well, your grand kids can tell them… “We gave it away!”

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