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Paganism and Environmentalism….The Same Thing.

(This Post First Ran in July of 2005!)


Paganism and Environmentalism….The Same Thing.


When you worship something, anything, it is your god. Environmentalists worship nature. It is their god. They refer to the earth as our “Mother”. They hold enough of the beliefs of pagans that they fall, head long, into the category of Pagans and Paganism.

Their arrogance is off the scale. They do not believe in a God who created the earth and who controls it. They believe it is entirely up to man to take care of the earth. They believe that man can destroy the earth. How utterly arrogant!

With one shrug of its mighty shoulders, the earth could vacate the premises of all humans. It may yet do so.

The point is, you cannot subscribe to environmentalism and not expect your belief in God to be questioned. Granted, there are those individuals who have been misled, or through their desire to help the citizens of the world, committed to this pagan worship of nature in the belief they are “being good stewards of the earth” as our Judeo-Christian scriptures command us. Environmentalists have a religion of their own. You see… they worship the Environment and Nature.

But you can’t serve two masters. You will love the one and hate the other. For those of us who subscribe to the Judeo-Christian faith, we are commanded to love God. We are not commanded to love the earth, spotted owls, red cockaded woodpeckers, polar bears and such. We are not even commanded to love trees!

As one who subscribes to the Christian faith, I believe God created the earth as a home for humans. He gave us everything we need to grow and prosper. He gave us dominion over everything on the earth, including the earth itself. He even commanded us to “subdue” it. In return for all He has given us, we are to worship Him! Not the earth! Not the Trees! Not the Snail Darters, nor the Whales, nor the Dolphins, nor the polar bears, etc., etc.

In my opinion, Environmentalism/Paganism and Christianity are incompatible.
Eventually, one must rule. I have read the book, and God’s children win!


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Shawn Fahrer said...

Actually, GOD HIMSELF WINS, not "his children". Surely you realize this if you are a man who worships God as you say you are.... And this victory can ONLY occur once we humans destroy this "Old Earth" (an act which we CAN AND MUST DO) so that the "New Heaven" and the "New Earth" take their rightful place in the universe. Then and ONLY THEN can we Believers (in our now 'glorified bodies' after the Resurrection post-Apocalypse, etc.) can then repopulate the new earth. After all, what is 'The Battle of Armageddon' (in the Book of Revelation) if not the means by which the old earth is totally destroyed and replaced by the new earth? And don't humans play a role in this? Therefore, to say we can't destroy the earth seems much too prideful to me....