Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Dems are Suffering a Complete Nervous Breakdown!

Is There no Testosterone Left in Washington???

What in the world is going on in our nation’s legislature????

The President decides to fire eight (8)… count ‘em, eight!!!! US Attorneys and the Dems go ballistic. And to make matters worse the US Attorney General apologizes???? My God, what the hell FOR???

US Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President. That is the law. They can be hired and fired whenever the President feels like it. For whatever reason the President may have, or… for no reason. So, for whatever the reason the President chose to fire 8 of them. The Dems, always on the edge of a complete nervous breakdown, came unglued! Their paranoia has gotten the better of them, again! Now they want to investigate, and investigate, and drag every administration official to the Hill to submit like, trained terriers, to the abuse of the over inflated, self important, yet impotent, bunch of old hippies and flower children from the 60’s! What a clown show! What a disgrace! … And the Attorney General goes before the microphones to apologize for doing his job and doing it in compliance with the law?

Are there no grown-ups left in DC???

We knew it would be only a matter of time before the Dems imploded. But, honestly, we thought it would take longer than 90 days or less! This, however, is insanity!

Did anybody remember that their favorite “rutting” President, Bill Clinton, fired ALL 93 US Attorneys when he took office? Huh? I didn’t hear a peep from them then, did you? Where was the camera loving Senator from New York then? Huh? (Not Mrs. Bill Clinton. She was married to the guy who fired all 93 US attorneys at the time. So she has to keep a low profile on this one.)

Already, I am sick to the bone of the childish, paranoid, gutless, behavior of the Dems in Congress!

Let me tell you Dems something, which seems to have slipped your attention. Your actions, just since the first of the year, have galvanized the Conservative movement in this country. You actions have focused our attention, like a laser beam, on your insufferable arrogance and your insatiable lust for raw power. You have demonstrated your intent to criminalize anything conservative, or even simply Republican, and we will not let you get away with it! You have conned yourselves into believing your own press releases. You have further conned yourselves into believing you have some sort of “Mandate” from the people to force our military to run like cowards in the face of the enemy and take to their heels enroute to some undisclosed “redeployment area”. Yours is despicable behavior. It is dishonorable behavior. It is behavior un-American from top to bottom. It is more akin to Stalinism than Americanism.

Look, we conservatives bowed out in the last election to teach the Republican Party a lesson. A lesson, I might add, the GOP has chosen to ignore. Now Conservatives are mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it any more! (to quote Howard Beal) If the GOP doesn’t get off it’s collective “dead arses” in DC and get us some Presidential candidates we can vote for, we’re gonna have to come up with our own, even if he is an Independent. The three stooges running now, under cover of the Republican Party, represent the old “country club set” and the “blue blood set” of the Republican party. They’re not that much different from the Democrats in power in the Congress today and we WILL NOT VOTE FOR THEM!

Think I'm a lone voice crying in the wilderness about this lack of Conservative candidates supported by the GOP? Well, go here and disabuse yourselve of that misconception:

Remember the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”? Well, it’s BAAAaaack! And this time WE ARE PISSED! You “lefties”, serving in the US government, might find it prudent to begin updating your resumes… ‘cause you’re gonna need them soon.

The defecation is about to hit the rotary oscillator!


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Frank said...

Here, it's not just the Dems...

The worst part is the senators that called the New Mexican attorney to try and put political heat on him should be removed from office as well....

By the way I love your Samuel Adams quote, fits most corporate backers of the G.O.P. doesn't it? and your right there with the mix of them....