Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Beginning of the End for Chavez?

The Beginning of the End for Chavez?

Hugo Chavez, our neighborhood dictator, is rattling his sabres at a friend of ours. He’s mouthing off, as bullies do, about attacking that friend. Mr. Chavez would be well advised to “simmer down” and cast his eyes northward. Columbia has a very big friend.

Look, there can be little doubt the US has contingency plans for removing Mr. Chavez. Even less doubtful is it that when an opportunity presents itself to rid this hemisphere of a dictator, such as Mr. Chavez, the US will take it.

Chavez is not playing with a full deck. He is about six short of a dozen in the brains department. But this threatened move against Columbia shows he is not exercising even that portion of his brain!

If Chavez carries out his threat, he will force the nations of South America to “choose-up sides”. That is NOT desirable. It will rip that continent apart. The US cannot allow that to happen.

Removing Mr. Chavez from the equation need not require a war, or an invasion. Just a few miles from where I sit, as I write, are the men who have trained for just such, er, “occasions”. They train all around this part of the country. Of course, they don’t exist… we all know that! Nevertheless, they seem to appear, or disappear, at opportune moments when their non-existent services are required. South America is their playground. They spend a great portion of their time there. (How do you suppose Columbia knew where FARC was hiding???)

Mr. Chavez would do well to lock his doors and windows at night. He might want to take a second and a third look at his “Palace Guard”, too. Could be, our guys are in his cohort, even now.

One thing is for certain; Mr. Chavez ought not make any long-term plans. However, he may wish to take a page from the Duvalier (“Baby Doc” fled Haiti in 1986) playbook and make a run for it… while he can. But then, it might not be that bad. He could wind up as did ole “Pineapple face” Manuel Noriega, former dictator of Panama. Last I heard he was still “resting” in a US federal prison in Florida. I mean… Chavez could still come away from this with his life… and little else. (The Federal Bureau of Prisons website as of February 2008, does not give a projected release date for inmate Noriega. However, he may be handed over to another country for trial or imprisonment instead of being released into the public realm.)

In the meantime, until this plays out, a word of advice to Mr. Chavez: Sleep lightly, sir. Keep one eye open at all times.


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Frank said...

What exactly can we do about it? Our military is in Iraq? Shoot just let them settle it themselves. We do not need to secure the world for our big corporations interests. No more blood of the middle class should be spilt for the investment class.

Longstreet said...

That's where our oil comes from.
It's as simple as that. Until The Left allows us to use our own oil, we have to get it from another source. If that means being constantly at war, then that's what will/is happen(ing). We can con ourselves all we want, but there is no substitute for oil, at the moment, and we ARE going to get what we need thru purchase, or simply taking it.

It ain't pretty, but thems the facts.


Yakki.Psd said...

Problem is,we don't have that much oil. No one has. The arabic countries are hitting the peak on their wells. Sad fact,it's drying up.

As far as Chavez,no one is going to do anything IMO. He's moving troops to teh border. He'll rattle his saber,Colombia will rattle theirs. Everyone will give each other the stiff one-eye and most likely go home with minimal incident.

And we,really have no business down there with our nose in it,IMO. Colombia is the major exporter of cocaine to the US. A crop we definetly don't need. So I'm hesitant to support Colombia in anything,as they won't stop the shipment of dope into the US,which is destroying American lives and families.

Yakki.Psd said...

Oh yes,and as far as we "taking" anything,that would be a huge mistake on our parts. We are not the sole power in the world. Nor can we face down the entire world.

Sad that we do not have that sort of clout anymore,but there it is.