Monday, March 10, 2008

The “Peaceniks” (Marxists and Socialists) Are At It Again!

The “Peaceniks” (Marxists and Socialists) Are At It Again!

Let’s get something straight for a change. The mainstream media and the leftist columnists, and the Democrats in the US Congress, and the Marxist Peaceniks continually decry the budget for the Department of Defense. They weep and moan about the money we spend on our troops in combat zones and those soldiers, sailors, Marines, and Airmen keeping the peace in areas all over the globe. They hit us with story upon story of how many poor starving people could be fed, clothed, hospitalized, and educated with that “ungodly” amount of money the Department of Defense spends each year.

Their intention is to hang a guilt trip on the shoulders of America. The uneducated among us, (Those uneducated in how the REAL world works!) buy into their BS sob stories…for that is what it is… pure BS).

So how much money is DoD spending anyway? We have managed to come up with a figure somewhere between 500 and 700 billion a year.

The President requested 439.3 billion for the Department of Defense in his Budget for 2007 proposal sent to Congress February 6th 2006. We know that. The documents are readily available if you care to look. But WHO Looks? Practically NOBODY! And that’s’ how the Peacenik columnists get away with it!

Let’s try to put it into some kind of perspective for you: The plain truth is… Americans spend more on Christmas gifts between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day than the entire annual budget of the US Department of Defense! How’s that for sticking a pin in their balloons!

Look, I’m not a warmonger… although I have been accused of it from time to time. That’s fine by me. I consider the source… and move on.

I think we screwed up when we changed the name of the “War Department” to the “Department of Defense”, in the first place. It REALLY is a WAR department! "Department of Defense" is one of those “feel-good” terms used to cloak the REAL purpose of that cabinet department. It is, in fact, “the department in charge of fighting our wars”.

The Peaceniks tell us they prefer negotiations to armed conflict in the conduct of foreign relations. Well! Isn’t that sweet???!!!

Now… tell me… just how do you negotiate with someone who refuses to negotiate? Huh?

We are told that a peacenik is a political activist who publicly opposes war, a particular war, or the proliferation of weapons; a pacifist. Hummm.

OK, seems to me that if one chooses to be a pacifist, and, as such, is not going to contribute to the safety and security of his, or her, fellow citizens… they have an obligation to get out of the way and keep silent! That would be the responsible, the ADULT, thing to do. But, to accuse the modern day peaceniks of being “adult” is quite a leap!

OK… so WHY am I even bringing this up now? Because the nit wits buying into the claims of SOME of the democrat candidates running for President of the US are going to be bitterly disappointed when they realize the promises made by those candidates to bring the US troops home from Iraq ARE BOGUS!

The dirty little secret the democrats KNOW, and are hoping you don’t figure out, is, US troops are in Iraq to STAY… maybe 50 years, as I have pointed out from the kick-off of the war.

So, what to do with the Peaceniks? Ignore them. They are society’s perpetual children spouting “conflict resolution” and “peace, peace, when there is no peace”.

There will be no peace on this earth so long as man lives upon it. War is as much a part of being human as is breathing. It is man’s greatest adventure! Why do you think young men flock to become a part of war? We are wired for it. It is one of the few ways to legally take the life of another human being.

Ugly? Sure it is! But THAT, dear reader, is WHO WE ARE! Denial changes nothing!

The US is at war. Again. If this country lasts another 1,000 years we will be at war much of that time. To survive, we MUST be a WARRIOR NATION! Since the colonists took up arms to defend their cabins on the edges of the great continent we grew to occupy, this country has been a warrior nation. The day we stop being a nation of warriors is the day we, as a nation, die.


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Faultline USA said...

Longstreet you told the truth. Shame on you! Loved the dove pic as well.

kip said...

I actually agree with most of this post, what is this world coming to! On the DoD budget, you know other monies are being syphoned off to Iraq as well. But my biggest complaint with this, economically, is that nobody's paying for all this. How the heck can you wage a war - actually two wars - without raising taxes to pay for it?