Wednesday, March 05, 2008

THESE “Damn Yankees” Show Their Ignorance… Yet Again!

THESE “Damn Yankees” Show Their Ignorance… Yet Again!


Exasperation is not the word to describe our total “out of patience” feeling for this state's idiotic demonstration of socialistic behavior. It is past just plain “dumb”! It is asinine!

To read what has Longstreet upset, go here:

For God’s sake Vermont… secedeplease!

Hell, I can get my syrup from sugar cane. If putting up with your continued
insistence on running a socialist state within a democratic republic is the price REAL Americans have to pay, then… be gone
and good riddance!


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Yakki.Psd said...

I have to dissagree,respectfully here. Not with it being a silly grandstanding manuever,but with it being socialist.

It is quite within the realm of our Constitution for them to do as they have. It's an excercise in democratic voting.(Not "Demcoratic" as in the party,but in the concept and ideological thought.)