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Whose Children Are They… Yours, or the State’s? Better ask the State of California!

Whose Children Are They… Yours, or the State’s? Better ask the State of California!


A California judge has ordered a California family home schooling their children to place their children in the states school system. The court reportedly said the family's religious beliefs were 'no evidence' of a 1st Amendment violation.

It begins!

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I have long wondered how long The Leftists would tolerate families teaching their kids “Christian values” outside the government run centers for Leftists indoctrination we laughingly call Public Schools.

For years I have been calling for the abolition of the public school system in America. Why? Because it is corrupt. There once was a public education system in this country that could be relied upon to actually teach our children those things essential for a good, solid, education. That system does not exist anymore. What we have instead is a nationwide web of institutions whose sole purpose is to indoctrinate America’s children in the ways of socialism and moral relativism.

It is a known fact that if you have an idea you wish to promote, get to the children, and indoctrinate them with that idea, and the success of that idea is assured.

Some decades ago, Christian families in America decided the values their children were being taught in the public school system was at odds with their family values and their religious values and, in some cases, with the values of the people of America. They pulled their children out and set up home schools and began teaching their kids at home. It has been a resounding success with home-schooled students consistently outperforming students of the government run school systems in all sorts of educational competency testing. Many churches nationwide have set up schools and academies for the purpose of educating children within an atmosphere, which is non-hostile to their moral, religious, and family values. As it happened, the children received a much better education and they and their families were relived of the worry that the students would be indoctrinated in politics and lifestyles, which were in direct conflict with their religious beliefs.

Here in my small city, we have three private schools, not counting numerous home schools. Two of the private schools are church run. One is open to those who can afford to pay to have their children educated in an atmosphere dedicated to a solid education and nothing more.

Home schooling is a terrific alternative for families who disagree with the values being taught their children in the government schools. At least their graduates can read their diplomas and actually receive an education.

And THAT is the problem.

Those home-schooled kids are a threat to the Socialist and Marxists in the US government and Judicial System and in the Public School System throughout America. The "Homeschoolers" must be stamped out... and as soon as possible.

Never, never, never, underestimate the power of the Left when they control the courts. They have no qualms about using it to preserve their hold on power. That’s what is happening between the courts and homeschoolers in California. If it isn’t stopped there you will soon be fighting the same fight in your state


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Yakki.Psd said...

we don't hav ethe problem with "leftist" teachers in schools in my area. Most are Conservative minded individuals. However,they do teach relevent materials at school,and do not disadvantage children by not having their education up to standard.

I wish the WND would have laid out the specifics of the case better,so that one could see the particular gripe that the judge has.