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Conservative Christian Republicans

June, 2007
Conservative Christian Republicans

There seems to be some question as to the way Conservative Christian Republicans “stay away from the polls” when unacceptable candidates are on the ballot. At least one of the readers of this blog suggested that action might be un-Republican.

The short answer is this: We don’t care!

Let me try and explain the Conservative Christian Republicans view on voting. To get a basic understanding of the Conservative Christian Republican’s view of the world you must understand our priorities. They are in this order: God, Family, and then, Country.

Understand also, we feel it is sinful to vote for a candidate who does not share these priorities.

You begin to see where we are coming from.

Look, we believe that voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil and we won’t do it. We answer ultimately to a much higher power and we recognize that and try our best to act accordingly. We do not always succeed, actually we don’t succeed most of the time, but we are bound to continue trying.

If the Republican Party nominates a candidate we see as unqualified, by our standards, we will not go to the polls and support that candidate. The RNC knows this. It is no secret. The GOP has understood where our ultimate allegiance lies since the Conservative Christians began their migration away from the Democratic Party when it adopted so much of the Socialist/Marxist platform. There is something of a compact between Conservative Christian Republicans and the RNC. We will support the Republican Party as long as it toes the line. The minute it steps away from the line… we are gone.

Remember where our allegiance lies. We do. And, we know that, in the end, we have to give an accounting of the time we spend here on this earth. That is far more important to us than voting to ensure the Republican Party wins an election.

I remain, just another Pharisee,


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cube said...

I hope you can sleep once either
socialist gets elected and they raise our taxes to the point of wrecking the economy, and they take away our gun rights, and they pull out of Iraq and the terrorists declare victory, and they institute a universal health care plan that destroys the best health care in the world... etc.

Oh my... you may need some Ambien.

Yakki.Psd said...

From this Democratic voter's perspective,there won't be any of that "removing of gun rights". I like my guns jsut fine,thank you. Won't be givin' em up either.

As tot he rest,we don't have any choice but to raise taxes,unfortunately. The present administration has bled the country of almost 2 trillion dollars in a war without reason. We'd have saved money had we just continued after,and killed Osama Bin Laden. Now there's not much else to do but cut spending and raise taxes to get out from under China,who holds out debts. The current administration thought it would be smart to borrow money to fund this ignorant,useless war in Iraq by borrowing hand over fist from the red chinese.

Oy Vey.

"Best health care in the world" is based on your perspective. Many people on both sides of the aisle don't feel that way about our health care system. More specifically by our insurance driven health care system,and the dirty tricks pulled by such unscrupulous insurance companies on Americans who pay their premiums then get denied when they have legitimate covered claims. It's not jsut the 40 some-odd million who don't have health care that's not liking things as they are,honestly.

We got some hard choices ahead for all of us.