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Southern Baptists turning Leftward! Accept Old Pagan Religion… Worship of the Earth!

Southern Baptists turning Leftward! Accept Old Pagan Religion… Worship of Nature rather than Nature's God!


It has finally happened! The seemingly rock solid Southern Baptists have caved in to the evil of the Socialist Left and embraced The Manmade Global Warming Hoax as truth! (Southern Baptist Convention is the largest Protestant denomination in the U.S.)

Read the story here:

Read “A Southern Baptist Declaration on the Environment and Climate Change”

“Man cannot serve two master!”… Thus sayth the scriptures! Yet, here they go, bound and determined, it seems, to make every effort to do just that. The plain truth is, The Southern Baptist Convention cannot survive serving mammon and God. They must let go of one or the other. Would you care to guess which one???

So, where do I get off going after the Southern Baptist Convention? Well, first of all… I’m not “going after” them! What I AM trying to do is point out the error of their ways.

I was raised/reared Southern Baptist. I left the that denomination 42 years ago. Most of my family remains Southern Baptist. There are a number of Southern Baptist ministers in my family, even among my immediate family. So, I have something of a vested interest in how that religious body fares.

I must tell you, it troubles me, greatly, to see them take this route. In my most humble opinion, (or not… as you choose!) I believe they are committing a terrible sin, as a church body, in embracing the hoax of global warming.

Joseph Farah of “Between the Lines” has a piece you should read. You’ll find it here:

See what I mean? This is a shocking turn of events for a religious body, which for centuries has been a “scripture anchored” denomination. This is a departure from scripture and it will do nothing towards preserving the earth’s climate, which is God’s purview in any event, and it will certainly cause those who believe the scriptures are the inerrant world of God to go looking for another church body… one which will not compromise with evil.

Yeah, I DID just refer to the Global Warming Movement as “EVIL”. That is what it is. It is the oldest religion on the planet. It is the worship of nature, not nature’s God… and that is blasphemy. No body of people, whether a church, a nation, or a civic club can survive blasphemy.

What you may not know about the Southern Baptists is… each congregation, each church, if you will, is autonomous. Simply explained… it means each church can and does act as an independent entity. It can choose to accept or reject the Southern Baptist Convention’s rulings, edicts, or whatever. The SBC doesn’t have the authority to enforce any demand they make upon any of their member churches.

Those of us close to the Southern Baptist community know, right now, that many, if not most, of the SBC’s member churches are not going to accept this “suggested” march into Leftist, Socialist, Godless, acceptance of a Pagan Religion. In fact, I will be astonished if this doesn’t lead to the break-up of the Southern Baptist Convention. At the very least, a shake-up at the top echelons of the Convention is in order.

I have watched over the past two decades, nearly three, as the hierarchy of the mainline protestant churches in America have been hi-jacked by the political left in America and, inevitably, led down the roads to destruction. I have concluded, that ALL churches should be independent!

When one looks closely at the disintegration of the various mainline denominations in America… invariably, the fault lies in the leadership of the denominations. The hierarchy. Unlike many of the liturgical churches in which the diocese, or the synod, owns the land and the buildings, etc, and the local church only “holds it in trust”… most, if not all, Baptist churches own their own property. They can vote to leave the SBC and not have the legal wrangle many of the other denominations would have.

The Southern Baptists have a choice to make: Either clean the house, at the top, or get out of the SBC.


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Debbie said...

I'm Southern Baptist and I posted about this. What I failed to include is that Southern Baptist churches are independent. The Methodists, and other denominations, including the Catholics have a central Bishop, Pope, governing body and the churches within that denomination are expected to follow the guidelines created at the top.

Southern Baptist churches are not like that at all. The Southern Baptist Convention can make up all the guidelines they want, but no individual church or association is required to abide by them.

This is good, even better than State's rights these days.

So, while some Southern Baptist congregations may fall into step behind Al Gore, I don't think many of them will

Like one commenter said at Right Truth -- "are they going to turn the lights off on Sunday nights, Wednesday nights, turn the AC down so that little old ladies get hot (or cold in the winter)??? Nope"

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth