Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Make ‘em PROVE Global Warming in COURT!

Make ‘em PROVE Global Warming in COURT!


The 2008 International Conference on Climate Change is wrapping up in New York today. The event is notable by the absence of Mainstream Media coverage. That, of course, is not surprising. This conference was to deal with TRUTH and raise some much needed questions about what many believe is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind… Global Warming.

John Coleman, the guy who founded the Weather Channel proposed, yesterday, suing those who sell “carbon credits”. Apparently he feels once in a court of law the hoax of Global Warming can be laid bare and put behind us.

Go here for the story:


Plus, we learn that the Weather Channel is up for sale:


The Weather Channel is no longer welcome in my home. After they adopted the Global Warming credo we turned them off.

So, what to do? Not much, really. As long as people want to be fooled, and relieved of their hard earned cash, con men will happily oblige. When one looks over the peoples of the globe today its as if each person has a paper sign stuck to his, or her, back saying “Con Me!” … And boy, are they being conned!


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