Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Global Temps Drop Along With Global Warming Jaws!

Global Temperatures HAVE BEEN DROPING For The Last Decade! Global Warming Disciples SHOCKED!


The handful of us who have been able to see “The King Has NO Clothes” have been trying to tell you, for well over a decade now, that Global Warming is a HOAX! Now, noted scientists, who have their feet solidly planted on Terra Firma are, somehow, breaking through the “jamming” of the GWM and getting the truth out. Little by little it is coming out and faces are reddening even as I write.

The truth is… the earth is NOT warming. In fact the earth IS COOLING and there are undeniable signs that we are headed into another mini-ice age. (The last one ended in the mid 1800’s and lasted 500 years.)

DO NOT EXPECT THE DISCIPLES of Global Warming, or as it is being called now…Climate Change… to come easily to acceptance of the truth. History teaches us this is not very likely. But, I think the very fact that they have changed the name of their movement from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” indicates they ALREADY KNOW their Global Warming Theory is shot full of holes and switching to the name Climate Change will allow them to switch gears slowly, but publicly, from Global Warming to “Global Freezing” (if you will) and continue their charade for a few more decades. Con men are ever at the point of the spear watching for any change they can swing to their advantage.

There is an important article by Christopher Pearson over at “The Australian” you really need to read, if you read nothing else today. You’ll find it at:


It’s only going to get worse for the Global Warming…WHOOPS!…”Climate Change” crowd. Their cover has been blown. Oh, they’re not going away anytime soon, actually… never. Like a chameleon they will change their colors, from time to time, to blend into future societies, but they will still be hawking their threats of doom and gloom, of death and destruction, and fear.

We are on the cusp of a new Ice Age. As the seasons come and go it will become overwhelmingly obvious to everyone just how wrong the “Climate Change” movement has been. Most of us, however, will have vanished from this earth long before it becomes established as fact and there will be few, if any, around to point out the errors made by the world’s governments in preparing for the wrong “climate change”. It will make a bad time even worse.

The "tree huggers" should be really worried... for as the New Mini Ice Age settles in, and there is no fuel oil to heat our homes, it is likely the North American continent will certainly be denuded of trees, to at least some degree, as the inhabitants cut them and burn them to provide heat for their homes and businesses. Some things have a way of coming back to ‘bite” us in the backsides.


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