Friday, March 14, 2008

The US Must Attack Iran… and Soon! (Updated)

The US Must Attack Iran… and Soon!

The plain truth is, Iran is going to have to be bombed back to the Stone Age either by the US Military or the Israeli Military acting as our proxy. There is NO question about it.

In the past few days Admiral William J. Fallon, the commander of American forces in the Middle East resigned his post. Reports say he was at odds with the Commander-in-Chief about attacking Iran to destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

Max Boot, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations wrote a piece for the L.A. Times you may fine interesting. You'll find it here:,0,5337128.story

Many have sided with the Admiral on this. I will not. In my opinion, it is a good thing the Admiral is gone. Good for the country and good for the US Military. You cannot have friction between the brass and the Commander-in-Chief. Ask Harry Truman.

Now, let me ask this, if Obama is in the White House and the nukes begin to fly between Iran and Israel, do you have any confidence, whatsoever, he could do ANYTHING to bring a cessation of hostilities? I don’t. The same holds true for Hillary and I have serious doubts about McCain’s ability to calm tensions, too. So, The current Commander-in-Chief must be looking at this and thinking: “If I don’t take out Iran before I leave office, all hell is going to break loose and there will be nobody to keep the lid on over there.” Think he’s NOT thinking that??

So, I think it is a good thing the Admiral has resigned. As I have said before, I feel a number of others should tender their resignations as well. We NEED FIGHTING MEN at the top. Politics in the Military during my tenure (during the Vietnam Era) damn near ruined the Army and the other services as well.

It has become abundantly clear, over the past months, that Iran will respond to nothing short of armed force. It has also become abundantly clear the only two nations on the globe with the fortitude to do what must be done is the US and Israel. And finally, it has become more than clear that the democrats (who are more than a little likely to control the US government after November 2008) are not “wired for war”. The do not understand military force and they absolutely do not understand the application of military force. Even those few who do, don’t have the stones to act aggressively even to save their country, their fellowman.

The point is, Iran must be brought to heel before Bush leaves office. The plans are, I am sure, made and finalized… of course open to last minute adjustments. Do not be surprised when the attack comes, if it does not stop with just Iran’s nuclear facilities. We have to cripple Iran’s military as well. So, in all likelihood the attack will include Iranian military bases and military installations such as their command and control centers, communications centers, Naval bases, Air Force bases, and Army bases. It is for certain that if Iran is left the capability she will immediately strike at Israel, no matter if the country attacking her is the US and not Israel.

The simple truth is… if Bush doesn’t attack Iran and cripple them seriously, at least their nuke making capability, and the democrats gain control of the US government this fall, that powder keg we know as the Middle East will ignite and there will be no one in power in the US willing, or able, to quench the fire which will spread, not only throughout that region, but to the far corners of the earth, including the US itself.

With all this in mind, the resignation of Admiral Fallon, in my opinion, should be looked upon as a good thing. The Admiral has served his country well. He deserves our thanks and everlasting gratitude. However, it is now time for those with the conviction that Iran must be stopped to be in charge of the war machine that will stop Iran.


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Frank said...

O.K. I am confused when Talking about Iraq we have to listen to military leaders when talking about Iran we don't? we listen to the morons who got us into Iraq? It's not that I don't care if Iran has nukes, and I'm not calling Bush/Cheney liars, I'm just saying I don't believe them.... I don't live in or near a major target area so maybe I really don't care....