Sunday, March 16, 2008

Obama’s Preacher??? (Updated)**** Obama's Statement Repudiating his Pastor's Statements. (UPDATE) Obama's Pastor Leaves Obama's Campaign!

Obama’s Preacher???

You’ve heard about it. Now you can see it, hear it, and read it, for yourself (Courtesy of "Stop the ACLU"). Just click on the link below:

Want to know more about Obama and his relationship with his pastor? Then go here... to The New York Times:

Want still more??? Then go here... to the Wall Street Journal:

At 4:28 PM EDT Friday, March 14th, 2008, Obama released the following statement on the Huffington Post repudiating his Pastor's statements:

Obama's Pastor leaves the Obama Campaign. Read the story here at MSNBC:

I can only wonder who would be the spiritual advisor to the President of the United States should Obama become President? Now, if that doesn’t send cold chills up your spine… nothing will!


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Frank said...

They they live in Black
America, they didn't land on plymouth rock it landed on them.... Americans too lazy or cheap to pay for labor brought thek here in shackles.... The 2 last things you'd want to be when standid infront of a judge is poor and black..... I aknowledge the black plight in America and know white man's need to feel superior than those that are different. I still support Barack over some mentay and physically crippled old man! I said before if the majority are stupid enough to vote in McCCain I will see what I can do to turn in my citizenship and have my property declared independent from this nation. Bush makes me ashamed I tell everyone now I am Roman not American, but a good president could make me proud again, but alas Bill Can't run... :(

Frank said...

Another point is I am less concerned about this then I am bout the Crazy Texan Hagee's comments but neither one are Catholic, they are Christian pretenders (like those at Bob Jones University) and will not see God.