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Mrs. Clinton Lied? No Kidding???!

Mrs. Clinton Lied? No Kidding???!


Regular visitors to INSIGHT on Freedom may have noticed that we made no comment on the obvious lie Mrs. Clinton offered about deplaning under sniper fire in a combat zone a while back.

Please understand… we were not shirking our duty here at IoF. No, certainly not! We usually remark on things, which are… well… “remarkable”. The fact that a Clinton lied was NOT remarked about, on this site, for the singular reason that a Clinton telling a “whopper” is NOT remarkable!

For those of you who slept during the eight horrible years this nation suffered under the moral vacuum that was the Clinton administration(s), let me alert you, and for those who may have forgotten, allow me to remind you, that even the Mainstream Media (no friend to conservatives) marveled, in print, at the accomplished manner in which Mrs. Clinton’s husband, Bill, approached telling an "untruth"! Even fellow politicians, of his own party, remarked publicly that he was the best liar they had ever come across. Quiet possibly, the most famous, or infamous, lie Bill told was: “I NEVER had sexual relations with THAT woman!” That one is now in the “Liars Hall of Fame”! (If there is such a place. If there is not… there OUGHT to be!)

Look, politicians lie! No… I don’t know why! There seems to be something, which compels them to lie. They do it when it would be as easy, or easier, to tell the simple truth. There is something pathological about it.

I had the fortune, good or bad, you decide, of having grown up with an aquaintance who was a pathological liar. She lied all the time… about big things, and little things…things that mattered, and things that didn’t matter. The woman was a flat-out liar. She just couldn’t help herself. She lost her job, she lost most of her family, and she wound up with no close friends… at all. It was a pathetic thing to see. But that was back in the days when there was no treatment for pathological liars and the community-invoked treatment of “shunning” was the accepted approach to persons so afflicted. As a result of that influence, I grew up developing a form of ”radar” for liars.

When the Clintons came along, in the early nineties, they completely destroyed my “liars radar”. The blatancy, and frequency, of their lies simply overloaded the circuits. I was in total amazement at the how easily they lied. Remember the joke circulating at the time: “How can you tell when Bill Clinton is lying?” Answer: “His lips are moving!” Remember?

So, tell me, why are people surprised that Mrs. Clinton has been caught in a whopper? I know Americans have short memories, but to forget the prevaricating Clintons is a form of self-induced amnesia! If you have forgotten THAT, please seek professional help!

Now, spare me a few moments to expound upon the folks who are NOT amused, not in the slightest, with Mrs. Clinton’s lie about sniper fire… and the whole yarn. The folks in the US Military are furious about it. It cast them is a bad light. A very bad light. One they DO NOT deserve!

Look, no halfway professional military would place a First Lady in Harm’s Way… as described by Mrs. Clinton. It is not going to happen. Had there been sniper fire, anywhere near the air field that day, Mrs. Clinton would never have been allowed anywhere near it. For Mrs. Clinton to insist that it did, with video tape of the actual event on that day readily available for all to see (And I have seen it several times) speaks of some sort of, well, illness??? Why would she do it???

As an armchair shrink, I would say that people, who lie to cast themselves in a much more heroic light than does reality, have a severe problem with an “inferiority complex”. If it were a defense mechanism, then I’d guess it is a manifestation of paranoia. And then, there are those who simply must be loved and feel an outpouring of love, lavished upon them, to give their lives “meaning”. These folks are really “needy” people. They will suck all of the attention out of room, any room, simply by entering said room. They must AWAYS be the center of attention. Now, I’ll leave it to your expertise to match the Clintons with my armchair diagnoses above.

When you stand back and distance yourself from all the whoopla and the hysteria of the crowds of “needy” people, and the entourage of “exceptionally needy people” around the three candidates vying for President of the USA, it is actually a little frightening to observe. In my opinion, ALL of them are deeply wounded people. All three of them exude the failings of a former president who very nearly was impeached... and would have been... had he not chosen to resign. Every single one of them is a train wreck just waiting to happen!

If there was ever a time in the history of this country for a third party candidate to step forward and offer a clear-headed choice in November … now is the time.

I shudder to think that one of the three candidates currently offering themselves for the office of President of the US will actually take the reins of power of this nation, and the powers of the commander-in-chief of the most powerful military machine on the planet, (with the nuclear “button” always within arms reach), and the leadership of the free world, unto themselves next January. Now, THAT is a sobering thought.


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