Friday, March 21, 2008

Get Used To It!

Get Used To It!
I mean… very high gas prices, very high food prices, very high prices for black and white goods, well, higher and higher prices for everything!

We have brought this on ourselves. We have danced the dance and now we must pay the piper.

This “recession”, if you insist on calling it that, is self-inflicted. The key is the high prices on crude oil. It is a price we in the United States do not have to pay and yet we have chosen to be blackmailed, at the oil well, and watch our economy fail and our society suffer. In other words we have chosen to be wimps!

Get used to it. The incoming “democrat” government will only make it worse.

We don’t NEED OPEC’s oil! We have our own, thank you! But the limp-wristed bunch running our government won’t let us go get it. The oil in Anwr, the oil off our coasts under the continental shelf, the oil in our shale deposits, the oil in the tar sands in Kentucky and other states, plus all the coal we will ever need… and then some. Not to mention nuclear power to generate electricity. It’s here… all within the borders of the US… and we have chosen not to use it. We have chosen to switch off the engine of democracy in the US because we have bought into a lie. A lie that says we are destroying the planet with our use of petroleum based fuels.

This is unforgivable! This course of action is worse than stupid, it is base ignorance! Yet we puff out our chest and proclaim that we are GREEN! We are SAVING MOTHER EARTH! What a bunch of idiots!

We really ARE a pathetic bunch, you know that? NO, we are WORSE than pathetic!

I have watched this nation go from the top of the heap… from leadership in everything you can think of…all the way down to the bottom of the societal ditch through our own machinations. Somehow, we have saddled ourselves with guilt because the Americans who went before us worked hard, and sacrificed. They fought, bled, and died to create a gleaming jewel of a nation… the first of it’s kind ever seen on this planet…. and we are ASHAMED OF IT?

What the hell is the matter with the American people????

What I see demonstrated before me by our government, by our young people, by our religious leaders… that’s not American! I don’t KNOW what it is… but it sure as hell isn’t American.

For instance…Americans would tell the Kyoto Treaty crowd to stick that so-called treaty where the sun doesn’t shine. Americans would have nuked Iraq and Iran and the entire Tora Bora area of Afghanistan and promised them more if they ever dared raise a hand toward another human being again! Americans would go get our domestic oil… from where ever it was found… and use it to prosper this nation… and those who don’t like it can get the hell out of this country.

Americans would have put a bounty on illegal aliens inside this country, rounded them up, by the school bus load, and shipped them to camps in the southwestern deserts and assigned them to work on public works projects until they could be processed out of the country… for good. Babies born to illegal aliens in this country would remain in this country while their parents are shipped back home… but only until the Constitution can be amended to outlaw “anchor babies” and then the baby would go back to wherever it’s parents came from, too.

Americans would have built a 20-foot high steel wall along our southern border replete with machine guns, and mine fields, and barbed wire. Anything attempting to cross that border, except through designated border crossings would be shot dead!

Americans would, even now, be mining our own moon and the planet Mars and the moons of the other planets for precious metals and sources of energy to run our permanent colonies there as well as for shipment back to America on Earth.

Americans would be laughing their behinds off at this ridiculous comedy playing out before us we call a Presidential Campaign. We would be embarrassed to have anyone of the candidates, from either political party, representing an American political party! Americans would run them all out of town, and find a Fighting Military Man and elect him President in a 50 state landslide.

Americans would have run the United Nations off the shores of the US long ago and nationalized the land upon which their fancy building sits in New York.

Americans would have halted the Politically Correct movement on the beaches of this nation and never allowed it entrance. Its brand of “moral relativism” would not be allowed in America.

But… that is not what we have done. We have shamed our ancestors. We have shamed those who carved this land out of a wilderness and built it brick by brick and board by board.

Morally, America has become the sort of country America used to send missionaries to to bring enlightenment and The Gospel.

What a mess we have become. We have begun the slide from the pinnacle to the dustbin of history and nobody seems to be the least bit concerned.

It is painful to watch. It is even more painful to be a part of it.


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Frank said...

It is not the oil producers making prices high, there is plenty of oil on the market, it is the speculators and hedge funds that bought into it when the dollar drops. Look if our govenrment had the cajonies to take oil of the investment market and freeze the price at, say $10.00 per barrel, and enforce that price globally it would fix the problem. Why use all our reserves? We should do a renewable project, make it affordable and viable and then shelve it. Freeze oil making it cheap, use all the oild in Saudia arabia so all they have left is sand, break out our technologies (renewables) and sell them to our friends around the world....