Monday, March 17, 2008

Humiliation … and the Clintons

Humiliation … and the Clintons

Humiliation doesn’t seem to faze them. Sacrificing for their country is a foreign idea to them. Winning is all, it’s everything, and there is no price to great to pay to elevate themselves to the center of this country’s life… and keep them there. For it is now, and always has been, about them… the Clintons!

Andrew Sullivan has a “must read piece”. You’ll find it here:

The most recent humiliation the Clintons have chosen to suffer in public, is publicly discussing the idea of a Clinton/Obama ticket. Can you even fathom how humiliating even the thought is to the Clintons? Yet, there it is! If Obama has any common sense at all, he will eschew such a proposal and go forward as an "all or nothing" candidate. After all, if he loses, he has plenty of time to come back and try again, and again, until he grabs the brass ring.

So, the next two “biggies” in the Primary season are Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Pennsylvania has 188 delegates up for grabs and North Carolina has 134 delegates. Those figures do not include the “super delegates” from either state.

Some Tarheels are looking forward to the invasion of “weighty” democrats into our state twisting arms and begging for votes. I’m not. Of course, I’m not a democrat, either. But, I expect a statewide democrat orgasm in early June here in North Carolina. Then, in November, the state will vote for the republican candidate for president. It almost always does it that way.

The whole concept of begging for votes, and begging for money, is a humiliating concept to me. I do not understand how McCain and Obama can do it without shame. The Clintons, on the other hand, have shown a penchant for very little shame, over the years, as though it is a concept foreign to them. Humiliation is simply another tool they use to get what they want. And right now… they want to move back into the White House. No matter the cost.


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Frank said...

Maybe the tarheels ahave finally had enough of the same old same old and vote for a Democrat in November.... Being a republican with Bush in the whitehouse is humiliating in itself..... Shoot I actaully am embarrassed of this country everytime they elect a republican to office....

Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie said...

Did find it funny that in a recent interview Ms Clinton claimed she was instrumental in the peace process in Northern Ireland. I am eagerly awaiting her claiming credit for the invention of the Internet and the eradication of polio.

Typical career politicians – all spin and no substance.

Frank said...

Typical career politicians – all spin and no substance.

That would include Insane McCain