Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pavlov's Votors

Pavlov’s Voters


Well, Obama has repudiated his Pastor. Will that be enough? Of COURSE it will… for the millions who have latched onto his empty message of “Hope” and “Change”. But for Independents and moderates… NO it will not be enough.

The drive by Conservatives to “Keep HER in it, so we can win it” is increasing in ferocity. Conservatives in Texas and Ohio flocked to the polls and voted for Hillary in their respective primaries. All part of the scheme to “Keep HER in it, so we can win it!”.

But, the Pastor Problem, no, that was all Obama’s doing. To be so smart it was a DUMB move! Surely his aids saw it coming. Did they not approach the candidate with it and explain the trouble it was bound to bring? If not… why not? Is the candidate unapproachable? Is the candidate so sure of himself that he will brook no input from those closest to him? All good questions. Questions the voters need answered.

When you step back and look at this massive “Cluster Screw-up”, by Obama and his campaign, it sorta makes who answers the telephone in the White House at 3 AM a much more compelling question… now doesn’t it?

When one pushes through the smoke screen surrounding Obama, one quickly learns that he is an archliberal.

“Obama is a liberal, and a rather radical liberal at that. According to Obama's new best seller, "The Audacity of Hope," Obama hates Ronald Reagan: He was "disturbed ? by Ronald Reagan's election in 1980 ? unconvinced ? by his John Wayne, 'Father Knows Best' pose, his policy by anecdote and his gratuitous assaults on the poor." (31) He loves Jimmy Carter: "a Democrat who ? with his emphasis on human rights ? seemed prepared to once again align moral concerns with a strong defense." (288) This passage is from: “Barack Obama: Radical Liberal” by Benjamin Shapiro. You’ll find the entire article at:


No liberal Presidential candidate… well, no Presidential candidate as liberal as Obama… has won the presidency in more than a generation… according to Bob Dole. And Dole is correct.

The GOP is ready and “loaded for bear”. Running against a liberal… well, one as liberal as Obama... is fairly easy. Most often they defeat themselves. Republicans are already licking their chops, so says Mike Allen and Ben Smith in an article titled: “Liberal views could haunt Obama.” over at “The Politico” at:


If you are an Obama supporter, ask yourself, if Obama is already in this kind of trouble and he is only running against a fellow democrat, how well will he fare running against a Republican with “no holds barred”? The answer must give you pause!

Pat Buchanan has said that should Obama win the Democrat presidential nomination “…Republicans will tear him apart”. He’s right about that. I have absolutely no doubts about the GOP’s ability to deconstruct Mr. Obama, down to his core, and allow the world to see his inner “Liberal” self. My only question is… will it be enough?

Frankly, I’m not sure.

When one looks into the faces of the Obama… uhh… “Disciples” one must admit that Obama is more a “movement” than a “campaign”… a “religious” movement at that. His “messianic” message is mesmerizing to millions whose minds have been carefully prepared for this “liberal mush” since entering “daycare” and reinforced as they made their way through the Government Indoctrination System we refer to as the Public School System. When you REALLY look into their eyes it is as though you are looking into the eyes of Pavlov’s dog. They are reacting to their indoctrination… and they are ready to cast that vote for the archliberal… Obama!

Scary enough for you?

Still unconvinced?

Look into their eyes. That is not reason you see glowing there. That is reaction to indoctrination. Back during the Korean Conflict, my generation learned a new term for it from the Chinese Communists: “Brain washing”.

Now… look again….!


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Frank said...

I just don't think we need McSame int he white house... We'd need to install a gerryactric ward for the old cripple... I don't buy that surrendering in Vietnam makes you a war hero either.... Someone with any kind of honor would have never been taken alive to be a bargaining tool, far better to take your own life and spare your family and nation the shame.... I really don't want Hilary unless of course the only other option is a republican.... Republicans have led this nation down the wrong path. We need someone to help the middle class in this country. Democracy can not exist without a strong, viable, attainable middle class.