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America Lost !

Note from the Editor:
A frequent commenter, from the UK, tipped me off to to a piece by a Russian Professor, Igor Panarin, who has, interestingly, made a prediction extremely close to my own. You'll find an artilce from the Wall Street Journal at:

Now, of course, we are going to suggest that you read our piece FIRST, then read the artilce from the WSJ which includes a map depicting how Professor Panarin believes the US will break apart and which countries will rule the various parts of the former United States of America! Yes, this is serious! I assure you... we would not joke about something this serious! Please read on.

J. D. Longstreet
America Lost!
By: J. D. Longstreet


I was talking to a dear friend the other day and we began to commiserate on the state America finds herself in these days. It is not a pretty picture.

I do not like what America has become. No longer “united”, we have become two countries barely co-existing under one flag. We are at the doorstep of becoming a copy of the Balkans.

I think the country is hopelessly split. I don't think it will ever be one again. The wounds are too deep. The ideology of both sides is so completely at odds that I see no way we will ever return to being a single entity again. If an attack on the nation, our common home, can't bring us together, (and it didn't) there is absolutely no hope.

Roughly 1/2 of the people on this continent want to go the way of Europe and the other half would like to return to the pre-1960's America. You know where I come down. (For those who don’t I’m among the latter group.)

I think the country was doomed no matter who ultimately won the recent election. As the GOP has learned (or should have learned... and the Dems are about to learn) you cannot govern a country split this badly. Just as the left was doing everything in it's power to sabotage everything the right tried to do, now the right will be making every effort to sabotage everything the left tries to do.

Eventually we will have to become two countries... or go to war with each other. The last Civil War didn't begin overnight. As far back as the 1820's the country was in a similar spot as we find ourselves today. Neither side was interested in settling it through negotiation. Negotiation wouldn't have worked, anyway. So we started shooting at each other.

I don't think there will be another Civil War. I think we learned our lesson from the last one. I have come to believe that, this time, we will simply agree to separate. I'm not sure, geographically, how that will play out. But, it will not, necessarily, be a north/south split. Some think the northeastern states will most likely join with Canada.

I suppose the really sad thing is, our enemies will be salivating as they wait for the split so they can move in and take control of the weaker of the two countries. The northern states will, in all likelihood, go Islamic almost overnight. That region seems to be where the Islamic influence, and presence, is most prevalent. So, they already have a beachhead. New York, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, etc, will become mirror images of Baghdad, with the bombings and killings, until the populace surrenders to Islam.

This is a dark picture of the future of what used to be the United States. But, just saying, "united", doesn't make it so. Far from it.

History teaches us that ALL great nations commit suicide. I think the act itself has already happened. I think the opening shot was the assassination of JFK. Now, we are simply bleeding out.

As soon as the nuclear attacks, on our great cities, begin (I suspect we are talking about months, not years) it will be all over. After the experience Texas had, with the refugees they took in from Louisiana, the states left unharmed are not going to be willing to take in refugees from the areas contaminated by radiation.

I see no light at the end of the tunnel. There isn't any. The experiment we called the United States has failed... utterly.

J. D. Longstreet

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Anonymous said...

"I think the country is hopelessly split."

Apparently other people believe this too!

Anonymous said...

Charlie I looked at that "map" and I am horrifed... Fortunately Ohio would be under Canada, but still, that is not a bright point. I could actually see something like this happening due to our emount of debt. When I warned about Bush's deficit spending I got laughed at, but that map looks like nations callin' in their debt. Maybe we should get a grassroots movement to get the new administration to raise taxes, looke 10% of the people control 90% of the wealth and pay 40% of the taxes, but anyway raise taxes on that 10%, cut spending, I mean cut spending on everything, including the trillion dollar budget of the pentagon, pay back our debt, then enact somthing that says all government spending must be paid for upfront! I do not want to see the poor or the homeless that lost their jobs due to this recession starve, but we need to cut back to basic public care and pay off our debt. Ron Paul was right!!!!