Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama Picks a fight. The Wrong Fight!

Obama Picks a fight. The Wrong Fight!
J. D. Longstreet
According to The Telegraph:

"Barack Obama is on a collision course with his critics after picking a fight with Rush Limbaugh, America's most influential conservative commentator."

The article is by Tim Shipman and we recommend you read it HERE.

Open warfare between Obama and Mr. Limbaugh, and the millions of conservative followers of Limbaugh, is the last thing Mr. Obama needs, especially this early in his regime.

Some are saying Obama is risking a new culture war between the "Obamaniacs" and American conservatives. We are here to declare there is no risk involved. The so-called "culture war" has hardly taken a breath. Conservatives graciously allowed the left to have their love-in and group hug after the election and during the inauguration, and were content to allow Mr. Obama a honeymoon. That "truce" is now over.

For our friends and enemies in Europe and around the globe please be advised: the United States of America is every bit as divided today as it was on January 19th. Maybe even more so. In fact, I believe it is more divided.

Look, conservatives are going to have an extremely difficult time accepting Obama as their president. I know the law says he is. But, the law can do nothing about the distance between the core beliefs of the conservative and the core beliefs of the liberal/socialist now in charge in this country. Say what you will, do what you want, but the old expression "never the twain shall meet" applies , absolutely, to the great divide between the conservatives and the liberal/socialists in America.

So, what if the conservatives formed a "government in exile". Nothing formal, you understand, just a government which is "understood" to exist. My guess is that Mr. Limbaugh would be the first President of that hypothetical government in exile.

So, then, the liberal/socialists have their leader and the conservatives have their leader. Where does that leave the GOP? Right where they placed themselves...up that proverbial creek without a paddle!

It now appears that we are going to see a four year contest between Obama and Limbaugh.

What about the bipartisanship Obama pledged before the election? Well, that went right out the door the minute the last vote was counted. It was never anything more than a campaign promise... which is understood, the experts tell us, to be nothing more than "puffing"... meaning it has no substance.

In fact, it is a good thing that the liberal/socialist facade of "universal love" has been shredded and now lies in fractured heaps at the feet of The Obama. It was untrue from its inception. And now you know. Now the world knows.

This is going to be an extremely contentious four years in America. With all our financial problems we are going to have a continuous fight in the halls of government. Don't be surprised if some punches are thrown. We are facing the exact opposite of the future which was described by the old hippies in the Mainstream Media and in the government. Peace, love, prosperity, etc. it's all a crock. It isn't going to happen. What, in fact we will see and experience, is financial collapse, multiple terrorist attacks within America, soaring unemployment, civil unrest, and a government on the very precipice of total collapse. THAT is the future we should be preparing for... and some of us are doing just that.

Race relations in America, realistically, can be expected to worsen. If, in fact, The Obama represents his (African/American) race then every failure of his Administration will be shared by all African/Americans in America. At least that will be the prevailing attitude in the country. Unfair, you say? Of course it is! But that will not/does not matter. We are dealing with "true-life", the way things are in the REAL world.

If I said that I supported this President, I would be not be truthful. I did not support Mr. Obama during the campaign, and I cannot support him now. I believe his policies will only bring disaster to this country. I will not be hypocritical and announce that I support him when I do not. I am convinced that Mr. Obama's $825 billion economic stimulus plan will do absolutely nothing to ease America out of the recession and will, in fact, only deepen the recession and worsen the impact on Americans of all economic levels. Just like the machinations of FDR, it will not end the recession it will only make it worse. For those of you who attended public schools, (Government schools) FDR did not end The Great Depression. The Second World War ended The Depression.

So, here we are at the beginning of a new administration in America and the battle lines are, for the most part, already drawn. It is going to be a nasty few years in America. There is no effective opposition. The GOP committed suicide by insisting on running "democrat-lite" candidates they knew American conservatives could not support and now they are paying the price for that bit of mind boggling political ignorance.

So, yes, conservatives will be looking for leadership on the national stage and many believe they have found it in the man The Obama chose to denigrate over the weekend. Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh is now thrust into a position I, personally, don't believe he wanted. Nevertheless, he will be the "go-to" guy for conservatives over the next four years. If you don't think this will revive the "Fairness Doctrine debate" you are sadly mistaken. Our socialist government will feel that it must silence Mr. Limbaugh by taking whatever action they can. No doubt they are feeling pressure to move on silencing Rush as quickly as they possibly can.

To our friends and enemies around the world, do not expect much input into your problems from America in the near future. We will be turning inwards to seek solutions to our own problems, problems which threaten our Republic, first. America must first help herself before she can be expected to help anyone else.

May God bless America... and quickly!

J. D. Longstreet


Anonymous said...

Obama invited alot of TV and radio personalities, from both sides to a dinner, he wanted their help, and inluence with them to their audiences, to do what is best for the country in these times. Everyone came except for the two most self-centered igomaniacs, Limbaugh and Hannity. His stimulus package is right down the middle. The Dems want it to lean more towards spending, the repubs want it to lean more towards tax cuts. Both sides acknowledge both are needed spending/tax cuts. Obama wants to keep the mix around 50-50, that way neither side gets to claim a victory, as he tries to lead from the middle. I love the idea he froze the sallaries of his whitehouse staff making over $100,000.00 a year. I also love his Lobbying rules, honestly who wouldn't?
I wanted Bush to be a successfull President, despite the fact he was appointed and not elected, he just couldn't do it. For people to root against the president is dishonorable. I want America to emerge from the ashes of George W. Bush better in 4 years than it is today.

Longstreet said...

Frank,in my estimation, what would be dishonorable, for me, would be for me to be dishonest with myself and with my readers by claiming that I like the man and support him and his policies. I do not.

I don't like the man. I think he is an egomaniac... and a "Prima Donna". I don't like his socialistic policies. And I especially don't like his air of self importance and demagogerie. The very sight of him is akin to running fingernails down a blackboard.

Other than that... I don't like him.



Anonymous said...

I wonder what war will end the next depression.

TexasFred said...

Obama is an even bigger waste of skin than Bush... I have already instituted an Impeach Obama group on Facebook and have a store for folks to get Impeach Obama gear too...

Impeach Barack Obama

And Biden is marked as NEXT!!