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America's Ignorance Not Only Threatens America... But The World!

Hamas Wins! Hamas Defeats Israel! Say What?
J. D. Longstreet


America's Ignorance Is Now A Threat To The World!

No matter how the fighting between Israel and Hamas turns out in the end, Hamas WILL claim victory. The process for announcing their “win” is already set up just waiting for the withdrawal of Israeli units from Gaza. Shortly after the Israeli forces turn toward home, watch for a press conference to be called by Hamas and the International media will flock to their propaganda fest with willing hearts and willing pens to write up the story of how Hamas bested the mighty Middle Eastern “Bully”… Israel.

I know, I know if sounds absolutely idiotic, but this is a very good example of how the MsM views the consumers of their product… as idiots who will believe anything they tell us to believe. And the really scary thing about this… they’re not far wrong…especially when addressing their American readers, viewers and readers. As an American it saddens me beyond description.

It has been said that America’s most expensive product this day and age is out and out ignorance. I must say I believe that. We have a general population that cannot tell you who bombed Pearl Harbor and when. They cannot tell the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. And these are the people who voted Obama into the office of President of the United States. Now… go to bed tonight and try to sleep while mulling that bit of knowledge over and over in your mind during the wee hours.

One of the founding fathers of America, Thomas Jefferson, is reported to have said: "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be. No nation is permitted to live in ignorance with impunity." As we have learned time and time again, the founding fathers had a grasp of enduring truths we, their descendents, seem to have lost. You’ll find an excellent article on America’s ignorance HERE.

It is embarrassing to live in a nation where our countrymen are just plain ignorant. But what’s worse? How about living in a nation where our ignorant countrymen don’t seem to care that they are ignorant! Point out a fellow countryman’s ignorance by asking him/her a few simple questions, and finding they don’t know the answers, you may well be startled by a shrug of the shoulders the exclamation: ”Well, who the hell cares, man?” If you have taken the time to read this article, chances are you have probably experienced this very scenario... right? Thought so.

We are a deluded people. We live with the false impression that we are the most learned generation of Americans … ever. Ask a recent college graduate and chances are he/she will tell you they are the most knowledgeable generation of Americans… ever. THAT’S what I mean by deluded. Somehow we have made ourselves believe this gross untruth.

I have concluded that one of the reasons we have college graduates who border on the imbecilic is what I have come to believe is a result of the cheapening of a college education. Look, not everybody is entitled to a college education, not everybody is even suited for a college education. Now, I can see the red flags going up and I can hear the howls of protest. As we used to say in the broadcasting industry, “Keep them cards and letters coming in, friends!” And yes, our government is looking for ways to make it possible for everyone to go to college. It is just another way of using up space in the college classrooms that should be reserved for those who actually deserve to be there because they have a genuine interest in learning and a thirst for knowledge and a desire to put that knowledge to use in the service of their fellow citizens once they earn their diploma. Those who are there for a perpetual party ought not be allowed on the campus.

The American public education system is in a shambles. It has collapsed of it’s own weight. Once we strayed from the “basics” of education our child scholars began to slip behind the remainder of the world in raw, basic, education.

Now, why is that raw, basic, education so important? Because it is the foundation upon which a good student builds a solid higher education … even a college education. Our elementary education is so “dumbed-down” these days that children who really have an aptitude for learning are bored to death and turned-off by the classroom offerings and they, too, are denied the opportunity to learn. It is a shame what we are doing to our would-be child scholars in the American public education system.

Back in the day, we had institutions known as trade schools. They were schools set-up especially to train young men and women in a trade of their choice which would provide them with the training they would need to carve out a place for themselves in America’s workforce and insure they would become contributing members of our society and further provide them with the dignity of, not just a job, but a trade. Having a trade, back in my day, was important. Even if one DID go on to an advanced education the security of having a “fall-back” trade was considered extremely important. There are still a few trade schools around but they ARE few and far between.

There was a period in America when we understood that some young people simply were not cutout as college material. Yes, there were, and are, folks who had/have no reasonable excuse for taking up space in a college classroom. That has always been the case. But in the past few decades we decided it was politically incorrect to say such a thing or even to admit it to ourselves. As a result we have a high percentage of college graduates leaving those hallowed halls with no more education than they had when they entered 2, 4, or more years earlier. Yes, it IS sad, but it is true, nonetheless.

Back to Hamas winning the current conflagration in Gaza… the “Hamas Wins” propaganda has already begun. And you, my fellow Americans, are expected to believe that. Still doubt me? Look and see who the President-Elect of America is today. A few months and years down the road from now, ask yourselves why the dickens you voted for that man? Then remember what you were told by the MsM, and even more important, ask yourselves what you were NOT told by the MsM about the candidate. And finally, ask yourselves why you did not take the time to do a little light research on your own to gather the facts and make your decision on that instead of just accepting the tailor made, dumbed down propaganda fed you hourly by the MsM. If you do not feel humbled by what you discover… then there simply is no hope for America.

J. D. Longstreet


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