Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Attack Of The "Useful Idiots".Against Israel!

The Attack Of The “Useful Idiots” Against Israel!
By: J. D. Longstreet
Western Armies, including the IDF (the Israeli Defense Forces), wouldn’t become “Bogged-Down” if their own politicians would keep their mouths shut, and get out of the way, and allow those armies to do the jobs they were trained to do!

If there is any two things that make me madder than hell, preening politicians and imbecilic members of the press suddenly becoming military experts is both of them! They try to direct military tactics from the safety and comfort of their plush offices, while prolonging the wars and, in my opinion, causing the needless deaths of soldiers in the field. Why? It is an attempt to impress their voters who, by the way, made a less than intelligent choice when they voted for them

The US has seen this time and time again and look where it has gotten us. The loss of a war in Vietnam when thousands upon thousand of Americans were killed by the “mouthing off” of idiotic politicians who wanted nothing more than time and their face on the nations TV screens to preen and polish their own image and delude gullible voters into believing they actually had an inkling about how wars are run and battlefield tactics are formulated. It is sickening.

Now the Israeli politicians have, it seems, learned how to do it and they learned it from our very own Congresspersons and Senators. I am shamed by it, as an American, and shamed by it as a supporter of Israel. The Israeli press is showing it’s imbecilic side, just like the American press. The problem is where our naive press, and less than intellectually stellar politicians can give America a black eye, and a lot of graves of needlessly dead soldiers, the antics of the Israeli press may well cost Israel the loss of its entire country.

War is hell. In war you do what you must to save your country, else you shut the hell up and allow the professional soldiers to do their jobs. At the moment in Israel, their own politicians and their own home grown press is getting IDF soldiers needlessly killed.

There seems to be a movement afoot to cause a great embarrassment for the IDF by convincing the Israeli government to order the IDF out of Gaza long before the job is done. Hamas has been hurt, but is nowhere near being badly hurt… yet. Nothing could suit the plans of Hamas any better than exactly what is happening, right now, between Israel, the UN, Germany, France, and Egypt. The IDF is being yanked about, not unlike a Yo-Yo in the hands of a child. Having only just reached the real “jumping off” place for the war against Hamas, the government has shortening the rope and aoppears to be holding the armed forces back.

Look, we warned, from day one, the Islamic world would immediately use death and injury of the poor, defenseless, women and children of the so-called Palestinians as ammunition in this war as they have from time immemorial. Nobody but nobody can moan, “po-mouth”, whine, and grovel better than they while, at the same time, slipping the cold, well-used, steel of a dagger blade between your ribs. Think about that for a moment.

If they love their children, thier poor defenseless youngsters, and their women and thier demented teenagers, then why do they strap bombs on them and send them out to sure death in an act to kill Jews? If they love their old people so much and their children so much, why do they strategically locate rocket launching facilities next to schools, hospitals, mosques, and in residential communities, where they know, for a certainty, those of their own people, whom they are using as pawns in war, are absolutely going to be injured and killed? They do it for one reason and one reason only. They use it as a tool of war because they know the “useful idiots” in the worldwide media, the press, and the bleeding heart liberals of the world, will pick it up and begin a never-ending drumbeat of guilt, guilt, and more guilt plucking against the heartstrings of all the decent people on the globe who do not understand they, too, are being used. They hope for, and usually get, a tidal wave of restraint, restraint, and more restraint coming from the decent people of the world and flooding across the battlefield with an effect far greater than a tactical nuclear weapon. It is the attack of the “useful idiots”. And that, dear reader is exactly where the IDF, no, the entire Israeli military finds itself today. They have the tools, the Intel, the will, and the means to end this thing with Hamas now. And yet they are being restrained.

Restraint will get soldiers killed on a battlefield. Restraint will get your army defeated in a war. Restraint will get your country conquered, defeated, and destroyed and, as they say: “Wiped from the face of the globe.”

Israel is in dire need of some strong leadership these days. It has been more than obvious since The Second Lebanon War. Israel needs a leader with the backbone to attack, attack, attack, until the job is done. Anything less is simply a slow cowering and waiting to be overrun and pushed into the sea.

Israel reminds me of a collegiate athletic team learning that the officials are friendly toward their opposition and will, under the best of circumstances, be playing, not only the opposing athletic team, but will be playing against the officials as well. All sports fan know they have seen such a game, which, we are assured is only a myth. But if you saw the game, you know, deep down, it was no myth!

If I could offer advice to Israel, with even a small chance of being heard, I would advise them to ignore the pleas of restraint, ceasefire, negotiated settlement, and all the rest, and simply put their heads down, lean forward into the onslaught, and plunge forward, grinding everything before them into dust until the terrorist outfit, known as Hamas, no longer exists. Kill them on the battlefield, and hunt the remainder down, one by one, and terminate them, with “extreme prejudice”. Let the chips fall where they may. In the end, it is the only real option they have. It is “Do or Die.” It is ALWAYS “Do or Die” for Israel.

I suppose the most troubling thing about Israel these days, to this commentator, is that Israel has adopted TOO many of America’s ways. And it shows. Mostly, however, it shows in the way the leftwing has a stranglehold on the government of Israel. That is SO American these days. The difference is, however, that America is big enough to live thru the quixotic, utopian naiveté of the left and come back. We learned that with Jimmy Carter as our President.

President Jimmy Carter publicly stated that he saw the basic goodness in all men. That, of course, is a daydream and completely detached from reality. Mr. Carter was forever being blind-sided by the enemies instant readiness to take advantage of his outstretched hand of friendship while making a public fool of him before the world… and his country, as well.

In my opinion, Mr. Carter is to blame directly, or indirectly, for much of the trouble between the Islamic states, America, and Israel today, and yet… he is blissfully unaware of it. The only thing good to come out of his machinations in the Middle East was that America, herself, survived and found some realism in his successor, Ronald Reagan.

Israel can’t do that. She cannot absorb the continued blind, ignorant, liberalism of her current leaders. Unlike the US, Israel will die. That is exactly what her enemies are counting on.

J. D. Longstreet


© J. D. Longstreet, 2009


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TexasFred said...

Western Armies, including the IDF (the Israeli Defense Forces), wouldn’t become “Bogged-Down” if their own politicians would keep their mouths shut, and get out of the way, and allow those armies to do the jobs they were trained to do!
Sorry, I got right there and I couldn't go any further... I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes... That is a great opening, but it really was hard to read the rest of the post... LMAO...

IF that were to happen, at any time, in ANY place in the world, it would be the 1st time politicians actually did what they should do by allowing the military to do what they are trained to do...

Look for the *STAR* in the east when this happens...