Friday, January 30, 2009

A Case Against Global Governance

The Case Against Global Governance Saying NO to a One-World Government

By: J. D. Longstreet


Is a one-world government inevitable? It certainly looks that way! At least it does if you buy into the theory of how good a one-world government would be for the world. I do not.

Let me be clear about this: I hate the very thought of a one-worldgovernment! Period!

I rather like being an American. I can’t stomach the idea of being forced to give that up to satisfy some centralized one-world government, which couldn’t find it’s rear-end with both hands and a hound dog!

There is a train of thought which goes something like this: If the US,Mexico, and Canada are successful in creating the North American Union (and they are having one success after another, right now) then once the NAU is established, soon afterwards there will be a movement to combine the EU with the NAU. And that, Dear Reader, is about as close to a one-world government as we are likely to get, at least, for the foreseeable future. With the Islamofacists continuing to kick againstthe pricks of the world, a one-world government will be in a constant state of war.

Of course we have options. One is to allow the Islamofacists to be successful and establish their worldwide caliphate and that would be a one-world government. A theocracy, to be sure, but it WOULD be a one-world government. The other option is for Americans to fight like hell to remain an independent nation!

To those of us who oppose a one-world government I suppose it sounds hopeless. Well, plainly put, to some degree, it IS hopeless. Once the juggernaut gets up a head of steam there will be no stopping it. It has already begun with the European Union and the proposed North AmericanUnion. The point is… the “powers that be” are certainly going to try to create that one-world government. (What do you think the “GlobalWarming/Climate Change” movement is all about? Global governance!)

Now, hold on, take a breath and let's see what faces an attempt at a one-world government.First off we know the Islamic nations will not willingly become a part of a one-world government. And… what about the continents of Africa andSouth America? Both are hotbeds of communism and socialism. The only way communism will become a part of a one world government is if they rule! The logical step would be for the Islamofacists, the socialists, and the communists to combine… as they each reflect some of the ideology of the others, anyway.

So, out the window goes the “One World Government" idea. A more realistic idea, of what the global politics would look like, is, I think, a politically bi-polar world…in other words… a Two-Government World.

Seems to me, the only way to have a true one world government would be for the “would-be” one world government to conquer all the nations outside their government and colonize them much as the Western European nations did during the colonization period of world history.

Realistically, any attempt at a one-world government will spur wars, of various intensity, around the globe. The planet would be forever at war. The cost of worldwide wars is staggering and would very soon bankrupt any government trying to bankroll such action(s).

Anyway you parse it, creating and controlling a one-world government, on this little planet, would be akin to herding cats. If you have ever owned just one cat… you know it cannot be done!

For the moment I see it as incumbent upon the citizens of America to do everything they can to defeat the proposed North American Union. It’s the beginning, at least in this hemisphere, of an attempt at that dreaded one-world government. We need to nip it in the bud… NOW!

J. D. Longstreet


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Anonymous said...

While the article mentions the Islamofascists establishing the Caliphate, the article nevertheless never explored this by claiming that they will not want to submit to a one-world govt. What if the scenario is that the Caliphate is the one-world govt?

Consider: The Muslim world is growing very fast. Just left to demographics alone, many countries will have Muslims forming significant minorities. Half of Africa is already gone. Europe will become Eurabia in less than 50 years. India already has significant minority that is demanding a lot of quotas and rights set aside for them. Russia will have Muslim majority by 2050. The only significant bloc left is the Americas and China. But as long as immigration allows and high birth rates of Muslims and low birth rates of non-Muslim continues, the day is coming closer.

Let's not also forget that with the petrodollars, Muslim dawah work (proselytization) is being taken to new heights.

Do not forget also the apocalyptic mindset of the Mahdists (who believe in the coming of Mahdi). You are right that final Caliphate will not form completely peacefully. Jihad will be part and parcel of it.

I'm afraid most people in the West have no idea of this.