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How Dare Israel Defend Itself???

How Dare Israel Defend Itself???
By: J. D. Longstreet

Have you seen enough of it yet? Or do you desire more of the worlds flaming anti-Semitism marching in the streets of the world's capital cities? Do you need more of this hatred, and bigotry, and shameful behavior of a world gone every bit as mad as a hatter? Do you need to see more before you understand that the loathing of the Jew, today, is every bit as bad as it was when Hitler strode the European, Asian and African continents with his "SS", and his storm troopers, and his Gestapo, and set up his concentration camps and gassed 6 million Jews, burning their bodies in huge ovens and burying others in mass graves in the European soil? Do you still not understand that Hitler would have continued his massacre of the Jews had not a few nations gone to war against him? As a result of that war, the massacre of the Jews was brought to an end. But, as I have learned over my nearly 7 decades of life, it did nothing to lessen the hatred of the Jews, especially in Europe and among the Arabic and Islamic countries of the world and, yes, even in my own country, the United States of America. Jew hatred is running rampant again here in the good ole “U S of A”.

Let me tell you something it took me a while to understand. The Invasion of Europe by Allied Forces on "D" Day in June of 1944 was not an invasion to stop Hitler's killing of the Jews. No! That was a coincidence of the invasion, and eventual “push back” of the Germans, which allowed the liberation of those concentration camps one by one.

There was an effort many decades ago to indoctrinate the public along those lines and it had a good deal of success. But the plain truth is... right up to the day the Allied Jeeps drove up to the gates of those camps, many in the US were denying their existence. Even though evidence had been supplied the US government long before "D" Day, the liberation of those camps was NOT a priority! We did not go to war to save the Jews!

After the war the world got a good look at it's godforsaken, shameful, behavior toward the Jews and decided to provide a homeland for the Jews. As quickly as the British forces left, what is erroneously called Palestine, the Jews declared Independence and became the brand New State of Israel. And all hell broke loose and has continued, unabated, except for brief periods, which allowed for the Middle Eastern Islamic countries to re-position, rearm, and regroup and begin their onslaught anew against the state of Israel.

I was on this earth long before "D" Day and before those camps were liberated in Europe so I have first hand knowledge of what has happened in the world… and to the world… since. I'm here to tell you that what we see today, the anti-Semitism, the outright hatred of the Jewish people is not new. It has only resurfaced after a few decades of living and growing more intense underground. Once in a while we would see flares of it in radical outfits that comically parade around in Nazi uniforms and chant "Heil Hitler.” I have news for you. I have more respect for them that I do for the silken-tongued politician and/or diplomat who professes to have Israel's best interest at heart when all the while he, or she, holds the same views toward the Jews as do those pitiful, yet dangerous, comedians playing at being Hitler. There is no difference.

Fast forward to today: We see thousands marching in the cities of Europe in support of Hamas and Gaza as Israel finally, finally, takes action to stop the killing of it's citizens by the very people who have sworn to drive the Jews into the sea. (For more on this story go HERE.) The action Israel is taking in Gaza is pure self-defense. If Mexico were lobbing rockets across the border into the US do you not think the US would be justified in an incursion into Mexico to stop it and protect US citizens? Of course she would... and so is Israel.

As I surveyed the demonstrations over the weekend, especially in Europe, it struck me that I was starring into “a cesspool of unreasonable hatred”. A cesspool, the foil stench of which, has been, once again stirred by the likes of the United Nations, the European Union, Russia, The Arab League, the Quartet, (The United States, Russia, the European Union, and the United Nations) and yes, we must include the pro-Arab U.S. State Department. (We recommend an excellent article on this HERE.)

Look around you. We live in a world so eaten up with hate that our very atmosphere is polluted, not by CO2, but by the noxious odor of brimstone and sulfur. For decades now we have been attempting to cover up the odor of that Jew Hatred with a deodorizer we call “political correctness.” Yet the toxic odor breaks through. And, it seems, in its struggle to break free of the hypocrisy of political correctness it has grown exponentially stronger.

So, here we are today with people, so-called decent people, marching in the streets of the worlds largest cities calling for the destruction of the state of Israel, reneging on the contract the world made with Israel in 1947. Parse it anyway you like, but what it will come down to is the world forcing Israel to abandon its self defense effort in Gaza. And THAT, Dear Reader, is the same as forcing Israel to surrender. And, once again, the blood of Jews will be on the collective hands of the people of this planet. It is an indelible stain. It will not wash off, nor away. Rest assured, it will emblazon our robes on judgment day as we answer for this grievous sin.

J. D. Longstreet
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