Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It Is Now OBAMA’S WAR… And The Dems Are Frightened!

It Is Now OBAMA’S WAR… And The Dems Are Frightened!

We have said many times that liberals do not understand the military. We have said they do not understand the application of military force and they surely do not understand when to use it, as a threat, and when to actually apply that force.

It has been said that if America has a distinct “Warrior Class” it is the southern male. There was a time when I actually had doubts about that, but as I watch the Senators and Congresspersons from New England continually decry every military effort the US undertakes and immediately begin looking for an “Exit” plan… I have come to believe that whoever said that… about the southern male being America’s warriors… was right on.

Obama has undertaken to go for victory in Afghanistan and drop Iraq like a hot potato. Of course, that is a mistake, but, hey, if he is determined to make himself look even more foolish, then who am I to stand it his way? I mean, the war in Iraq was won, long ago. It is the peace we have had a problem managing. Let’s face it: “nation building” is NOT our strong suit. I am flat out against it. I am from the old school, which believes that you invade and conquer a nation, and then you leave. The rebuilding of that nation is a part of the punishment you visit upon your enemies as the conqueror.

Back to the first paragraph above: Every first year cadet at VMI or The Citadel knows you never threaten a military strike unless you are serious and fully intend to carry out that strike. It is acceptable to rattle your sabres in plain sight of the enemy, but never tell the enemy you are going to strike if you don’t mean it. Otherwise your threat has no weight. Worse, never tell the enemy you are going to strike and then, for whatever reason, don’t strike. That’s what gets the name of “Paper Tiger” pinned to the front of your shirt.

Now that Obama has his very own war the democrats in the House and Senate have gotten antsy and nervous and, some of them, just down right scared. They are already pushing their President for an exit plan. Why, they’re even threatening to withhold funding for Obama’s war in Afghanistan if he doesn’t produce an exit plan. An exit plan, especially if made public, (and telling Congress and the Senate about such a plan is tantamount to going public with it) is just another tool handed to the enemy to use against you. He can defeat your superior army, he can defeat your superior technology, simply by … doing nothing but husbanding his resources until you leave. Then, he simply moves into the vacuum you created by removing your forces

Look, you never go into a fight looking for the exit! That immediately tells your opponent several things. First, you are not committed to victory. Second, all they have to do is to wait you out, and third, you are, quite likely, a “paper tiger” who talks a good fight, but when the shooting begins, you will turn and run away. And most important of all the things the enemy will learn from you is that you are unsure of yourself, your army, your support back home, and that you are frightened

It is amateurish. It is naïve. It is dumb. When a US Senator takes to the floor of the Senate, or a Congressperson takes to the podium in the Well of the House, to demand that the Commander-in-Chief set a date certain for troop withdrawal from a battlefield, our enemies hold their sides as they rock to and fro with laughter and disbelief at their good fortune.

The United States of America must surely have the least intelligent Congress we have ever had in the history of the country! They are a pathetic bunch. They resemble nothing less than a kindergarten at recess.

Looking seriously at Afghanistan, it is difficult to accept the concept that it is, indeed, a country at all. It is more like an amalgam of tribes living in various areas of a “region” with their loyalties pledged to the tribe, not the nation. How do you know when you have won a war against a people such as the Afghans? Who do you sit down with and sign the “surrender” papers? (And, yes, these are serious questions.) How do you maintain the peace… other than by garrisoning the whole country? Frankly, I don’t see how it can be done. Make no mistake about it… Afghanistan is not Iraq! Far from it.

If we want to get serious about looking for Osama Bin Laden then go for it. Dig him out, whatever it takes. Once we have established we have either captured him, or that he is dead, or both, then we should bring our troops home and leave Afghanistan to the Afghans… unless, of course, we are prepared to stay there for many, many, decades into the future.

In my opinion, President Obama is about to bite off more than he can chew… again. But, messiahs are expected to perform miracles like that, aren’t they?

J. D. Longstreet


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