Friday, February 27, 2009

US Government Fails Test Of National Security

US Government Fails Test Of National Security
Texans along US/Mexico border not safe or secure!
J. D. Longstreet

The dope gang wars on the US/Mexican border must really be ticking some people in Washington off, big time. Just when they thought the decks were clear, and they have the numbers to pass the Amnesty Bill, this time for sure, all hell breaks loose on the border.

For years now, we have warned that the folks in the south, especially those Americans along the border with Mexico, would eventually take matters into their own hands and deal with the problem of illegal aliens flooding across the border into the US. The tipping point may now have been reached. Now, we are not only having to contend with a tsunami of illegals crowding into our country, we also have to put up with murder and plunder by their dope gangs (Yes, l know the nice word is “cartel” but, hey, a gang is a gang no matter how you spell it!) and their “dope wars” involving Americans on the American side of the border. This cannot be tolerated. The folks in Texas have had it. For a refection of the way some Texans are feeling about all this we refer you to the site of our friend, and fellow blogger, “Texas Fred” HERE.

The folks in Texas have had enough, more than enough, and they are ready, and we might add, prepared to do something about it. The governor, Rick Perry, has politely asked the President for 1,000 US troops to be sent to the border to enforce the law and some sort of peace there. The governor is reported to have said: "I don't care if they are military, National Guard or customs agents. We're very concerned that the federal government is not funding border security adequately. We must be ready for any contingency." Right on, Governor! Right on! The governor said he wants “… the U.S. to fund strong security measures to fight the Mexican drug cartels that have spread violence and fear in Mexico, including Ju├írez.” But, honestly, if I were Gov. Perry… I wouldn’t be holding my breath. You can read the story for yourself in the El Paso Times HERE.

It is beginning to sound as if “Pancho Villa Rides Again” in south Texas! But, of course, our eloquent President will simply “talk” Mexico into behaving. It didn’t work for the President, then, and I really can’t see it working for the current Chief Executive today. In March of 1915, President Woodrow Wilson had to send US troops under the command of General Frederick Funston, and led by General John J. (“Black Jack”) Pershing, (The US Army 8th Brigade out of Fort Bliss, Texas) into south Texas and across the border, into Mexico, chasing the aforementioned Villa across some of the most god-forsaken landscape in America and northern Mexico Oh, the Army’s expedition to capture Villa was, alas, unsuccessful. (Were you aware that in 1914 we had US Troops assigned to secure the Mexico/US border? Yep! That’s what the Army’s 8th Brigade, at Fort Bliss, was doing there in the first place.)

The point is… there is precedence for stationing US troops along the US/Mexico border.

Look, it is obvious that Mexico is unable to do anything about the violence, the drug running, and all the rest of it, along their border. They are, apparently, incapable of getting a handle on it. The US politicians really don’t want to get involved, especially the last President who, himself, was from Texas and is, we are told, living there once again. It is a nasty business and one that will take many years and a heck of a lot of dollars and pesos to bring anything approaching “security” in that area. That leaves the citizens of the US, who live there, in Harm’s Way. That is unacceptable.

The first duty of the US government is to secure the safety of its citizens. And they are not doing it.

J. D. Longstreet

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