Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I Do Not Hate Obama!

I Do Not Hate Obama!
J. D. Longstreet


A few days ago, a dear friend, who happens to be a liberal, accused me of hating Obama. At first I was shocked. Then I began to reason it out and came to understand that the intolerance, within which the liberal left lives, would certainly trigger that extreme response to one who simply does not agree with another man’s political philosophy.

I do not hate Obama. I don’t even KNOW the guy! What I DO know and what I DO hate is his socialist political philosophy. You know, I might even lighten up a bit on socialism if it were not a proven fact of history that it destroys nations and rots free men’s souls. It is the most cruel of all political philosophies on the earth currently. Some day there might be something worse, but, frankly, I cannot see how anything short of Satan, himself, setting up rule on earth that could possibly be any worse that socialism and Obama is the leader of the socialist movement in America today, by right of his having gained the office of President of the United States.

It is Mr. Obama’s socialism I hate.

Of course, he has many other failings. He is quite likely the most naive President this country has ever had. He has, indisputably, a “Messiah Complex”. The Messiah Complex is said to be the will, the intention, and yes, the compulsion to be a messiah, to be the redeemer and savior of the world. Surely you have seen this complex in Mr. Obama. And this is what makes it so troubling: The messianic wish is not just a wish to improve things generally for the better, but the wish of that person with the complex TO BE, personally, the messiah, the redeemer, of the world.

People with the messiah complex are dangerous. You see, if a group of people considers an individual to be a messiah, that person doesn't actually have to claim to be a messiah himself. But if he is treated as such, by his followers, then he can, rightly, be said to be a person with a Messiah Complex. Confusing, what? What you then have… is a cult. I think it is safe to say we have a national cult built around Mr. Obama in this country today and it is headed toward disaster.

Mr. Obama strikes me as a person with a strong Inferiority Complex, as well. As such, he must (he is compelled to) continually prove his superiority. In an individual this can lead to all sorts of trouble. In an individual who happens to be a leader of a nation it can lead to national disaster. All one has to do is look to the history of the nation of Germany to learn how a leader with a monstrous inferiority complex can lead a nation to ruin.

I can’t see how anyone, having observed the outpouring of love for the man, (or messiah) Obama, during the two years of campaigning leading up to his election can possible deny there is an Obama cult in America. What makes it doubly dangerous is the fact that it has, indeed, become a national cult very similar to that in Germany in the 1930’s.

Then, there is Mr. Obama’s globalist view. His IS a globalist. Globalists believe... at their core, in global governancea one world government. That is another Utopian idea of the leftists, the Marxists and the Socialists

Having said all this... let me reemphasize that Mr. Obama’s overt socialism troubles me more than any of the other problems of this, in my opinion, deeply flawed man. Of all his problems this is the one that will bring the most pain and suffering to the people of this nation.

It is some comfort to know that 46% of the electorate of this country were not taken in by the slick packaging of Mr. Obama, which played on his would be messiah image. That means that a little less than half of the electorate have not loss their grasp on reality.

The question now is... how long before the cult, which has sprung up around Mr,. Obama, will turn on him? And turn on him they will, for he certainly cannot fulfill their hopes and dreams and the incredibly high expectations they have of their "messiah".

Mr. Obama is doomed to failure. I hate the effects of what will happen between the people of the Obama cult and the sane people in this country when Obama’s failure becomes so acute that even the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, the Mainstream Media, will not be able to cover it up with their reams of propaganda.

No, I don’t hate Mr. Obama. I hate what he stands for and what he represents… mainly socialism.

J. D. Longstreet



Anonymous said...

No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms...THOMAS JEFFERSON

The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government...THOMAS JEFFERSON

In his State of the Union address,Barrack Obama said he would not allow terrorists a half a world away to plot against us.... yet he and members of his own party are plotting against the American people right here at home. Through a house bill H.R. 45 also known as the Blair Holt Liscensing and Record Act of 2009 and another bill called the Ammunitions Accountability Act. Through these two bills they will circumvent our Second Amendment rights by making ammunition hard to get and even harder to afford, and restricting who can own a gun and what types of guns we may own.

Phil Schouviller
Fosston Mn.

kay said...

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