Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Socialist America = Emotion Over Reason

America has become a Nation Ruled by Emotion Rather Than Reason!
J. D. Longstreet

We have “Europeanized” America. In November of 2006 (And again in November of 2008) America placed the crowning achievement of the Socialist movement, a Democrat/Socialist government, in charge of America. They offered, “cradle to the grave” Nanny Statehood to America and… Americans bought it! Karl Marx has finally triumphed over reason in America!

It no longer matters that socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried on the globe, Americans “felt” they wanted the promises Socialism offered. Never mind the fact that socialism cannot deliver, just the fact that the socialist/democrats made the promises was an emotional boost to that half of our nation who are so unable to think, work, or produce anything without the government underwriting their entire existence.

Just look at the crowds lusting after Obama! They WANT something. They want to RECEIVE something, to GET something, from the government. Something FREE! Never mind that there is no such thing. They’re not bright enough to grasp that concept. Hope? Hope for WHAT, exactly? Change? Change to what exactly?

So now America is no better than the European nations who have depended on America to be their protector, their international police force, and their Big Brother. Once again, Europe is on it’s own. They simply have not recognized that fact yet. Already their enemies are making plans for the takeover of many eastern European nations and those bordering the Atlantic. It will not be long in coming.

But, what of America? Well, America is an idea whose time, apparently, has passed. Much as ancient Rome collapsed in on itself… America has imploded. That strong central government, which began with the Lincoln Administration, married to “feel good politics” and the steady march of socialism has sealed America’s fate. America, it would seem, is done for.

Soon there will be an ethereal world government ruled my Islamofacists who will keep the peoples in check with the ever present threat of the imposition of the death sentence for any infraction of their religious code.

It can’t happen here, in America, you say??? Well, there was a time, not too long ago, when I felt that way too. But no longer. Americans have now decided there is nothing worth fighting and giving one’s life for. Nothing! Americans have decided that SLAVERY is the only lifestyle acceptable to them. We have become willing to give up that thing our forefathers gave their lives for… freedom. It’s just too much work. Freedom costs too much. Slavery, on the other hand, costs nothing… and we do not have to fight, or do any of those disagreeable things which freedom demands. No, slavery is the way to go.

That rot, at our core, has finally eaten its way to the surface of America. As evidence of that, we offer up the following:

The American Family is a joke. It no longer exists. As a matter of fact, we can no longer define what a family is! Two fathers? Two Mommies? Men married to men. Women married to women. See what I mean? There is no home life in America today. Home is simply a place one sleeps. That’s all.

America has opened the doors on what used to be our borders and thrown away the key. We have invited the hordes from all over the world to move in and take over. Now, we Americans have to learn THEIR language instead of the way it ought to be. We have become “two nations inside one country”.

Our children are raised by “caregivers” at the various daycare centers and then handed off to “teachers” in the “government indoctrination centers” sometimes called public schools. And finally, they are urged to finish their leftist/socialist indoctrination at the so-called institutions of higher learning where the REAL socialist ideals are implanted. Then… they are set free to wreak havoc on the nation their forefathers bled and died to provide for them.

We have feminized our churches, our government, our military, and our businesses, even the Main Stream Media. Woman have been taught they can have it All. Nobody mentioned the cost to her. Now, it no longer matters.

We have gangs of young people, little more than children, roaming our streets, as the barbarians and vandals of old, striking terror in the hearts of the people in their communities. Why? Because they have no home, no parents, and especially no mother, to teach them in the way they should go. Now, our own children are our enemies.

Our men are no longer men. They are something well short of manhood (Metrosexuals!). Men have been taught that being male, and acting as a male OUGHT to act, is somehow abnormal. The American male is so confused he has lost his identify. He is a pitiful sight. When the maleness of a society goes, so does that society. For the foundation of any society is based on the males of that society. The protection of that society is the burden of the same males. When those males are taught that they ought not take up those responsibilities… their reason for existence is lost, and they are confused, and that society is doomed. I offer Europe as an example.

Women, attempting to take up that burden of male leadership, are a pitiful and pathetic sight. Estrogen is no substitute for testosterone! As a result there is little if any action, and when action does take place it is based upon emotions rather than reason. (Example: The US House of Representatives!) It is the worse possible combination for any society seeking to continue its existence.

Look at the Mainstream Media in America today. Try viewing a news show on the TV. You will find more women than men as anchors. Why? Because they are pleasant to look upon and… sex sells the products of the sponsors… and no matter what they tell you… that is the sole reason those blonde cuties are in front of the cameras! If the networks were actually serious about delivering the news in a powerful, impactful, way, the anchor would be a male. That, of course is NOT what they are interested in. The networks are interested in SELLING the airtime and making money. The news, itself, has become only filler, between the commercials and the entertainment, as the networks rake in the loot.

Our churches have become feminized. Women in the pulpits, in the office of Bishop (strictly against Scripture) and, as a result, their membership rolls are shrinking. The mainstream denominations are losing membership in droves! Visit any Mainstream Denomination’s Sunday Worship Services and count the women in attendance as opposed to the men in attendance. You will quickly see that men are staying home. In my case, I don’t need a woman in the pulpit telling me how to behave. My mother took care of that… and my wife took over from her!

Our military can no longer win wars. Why? Because we are too concerned over how the actions we need to take, to secure victory, will be perceived by the remainder of the world. That is most certainly not a manly trait. Even our soldiers are being put on trial for killing the enemy! That tell you anything about the lack of commitment to victory??? It ought to!

Having said all the above, and expecting to be boiled in oil for it, I ask only that you think about it. Look around you. The evidence is everywhere. America is but a shell of her former self. The country has a mortal; a terminal, illness and any reasonable person would not expect recovery.

Watching a strong man wither away and die is always painful to those who love him. That is the sort of pain I feel as I watch my country die right before my eyes.

J. D. Longstreet

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