Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Barry and Hugo! What a Pair!

Barry And Hugo! What A Pair!
J. D. Longstreet

I nearly threw up when I opened my Sunday morning paper and saw, on the very front page, an A.P. photo of US President Obama shaking hands with Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela. The first thought that entered my mind was: ”Hey, those two are interchangeable!”

Yeah, I know! It was all at the laughable “Summit of the Americas” confab down in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.

The article accompanying the photo pointed out that Mr. Obama was listening to complaints and reaching out to another leftist, like himself, Chavez, all the while listening to the constant flow of complaints about US meddling in the hemisphere.

Of course, I wasn’t there. But I suspect it would be safe to bet that Obama apologized, some more, on behalf of America and for that of which we are being accused.

I don’t know about you, but, I must tell you, I am fed up with the veritable flood of apologies from the left about what my country did, didn’t do, or whatever they think we did or didn’t do. I have had it up to the gunwales!

It is humiliating for the so-called “leader” of this nation to go “bowing and scraping” to a bunch of tin pot dictators from third-rate banana republics who pound their chests and cry: “Hey, look at me, I’m SOMEBODY!” It is a pitiable person who finds it necessary to call attention to himself in order to be recognized. We are talking huge inferiority complexes!

And another thing: For the leader of the planet’s preeminent country to bow to king of some desert, sandbox, kingdom is embarrassing, humiliating, distasteful, and disrespectful of the people of this country who put him in office! You would think he would KNOW that. Presidents of the United States of America do not, I repeat, do not, bow to the leader of another country… ever!

It is just another signal of what the liberal/socialists of America think of the USA. Not much! THEY may think we are just another country. But we are not! They cannot find it in themselves to understand that this country IS special! This country is unlike any country, ever, in the history of the world. Yet, they cannot admit that.

Those apologies? My Lord, when will they stop? Apologizing is a sign of weakness for a country. There must be a stop this dreadful behavior by the President of the United States!

Maybe the American people, who feel as I do, should demand that the president take along a printed list of our names (when he visits other countries) to present to the representative of that country alerting them that those of us represented by our names on the list DO NOT APOLOGIZE! Then Mr. Obama can go ahead and make a fool of himself if he so chooses. At least, you and I will not have demeaned our ancestry, our country or ourselves! See, we do not feel so humbled in the presence of “so-called” royalty that we feel we MUST bow and scrape! I mean, many of our ancestors either left the old country, or were kicked out of the old country, for that very reason! They would not kiss a royal a**! I can’t speak for your ancestors, but history teaches that mine were constantly in trouble with the royal families of every country they happened to land in… until they arrived here in 1789.

No, I do not feel a need to apologize to Europe, to South America, to Africa, to Asia, or those “so-called” Palestinians, or any other country, or peoples. I must tell you, I think it is a character flaw to feel one must bow to another man or woman regardless of that person’s station in life. My parents taught me that I am as good as any other human being on this planet and… I believe it! You may make of that whatever you choose. It makes no difference to me.

How many times in the past few weeks has the MsM dutifully reported every apology Mr. Obama has made? LOTS! Maybe it’s a little thing with you, dear reader, but I wanted to grab the TV and shake it, with all the gusto I could muster, and exclaim: “NOT ME! I DON’T APOLOGIZE!”

So, I think we have a duty, as “unapologetic Americans” to tell Mr. Obama that he is making a fool of himself for apologizing for you and me, the “UNAPOLOGETIC”, and he is misleading the world into thinking ALL Americans are covered by Mr. Obama’s apology. Believe me folks, those of you in lands other than America, the President may THINK he is apologizing for us, but take it from one of the “Great Unwashed” here in America… he most certainly is NOT!

J. D. Longstreet



Frank said...

What would you call a president who gave a russian president a cadillac? Answer: Nixon.

What would you call a president who negotiates with terrorists to hold American hostages until after he is president of the U.S.? And then as a thank you to the Islamic terrorist state sells them arms? Answer: Your god Regan

Now maybe Nixon and the caddy wasn't so bad but Regan and all those who still genuflect at his image even after the truth came out about how he ruined America, started the whole idea of skyrocketing deficits, and broght this whole globalist economy, and perpetuaded the whole "Truckle Down Econimics (comics)" that transfers wealth from the middle class to the richest in the country are traitors.

Longstreet said...

Frank: You are WAY TOO INTELLIGENT to believe that LIE about Reagan and the hostages. That was investigated and found long, long, ago to be a lie.

Best regards!


Frank said...

But he DID sell them weapons....

Best Regards....


he admits the facts are true....